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  • No, I think you hit the nail on the head. i was trying to think of a way to work that in, but I couldn't work it into the flow of the paragraph. Dogs need to feel physically that they are part of the pack. They need to contribute, and they need firm social/behavioral boundaries in order to feel safe. Toy breeds rarely have those needs fulfilled, and so they act out. While the oblivious owner may remain tolerant of the dog's outrageous behavior, it at risk of being abused by the other people who have to interact with it.
    hi tmills, do you still believe i'm not an INFP? pliz explain if you have some support i'll be fine with it.
    9 words has no meaning to me. it was more just to attack the idea of what can tell a story. a picture's worth a thousand words. i suppose you could also get away with it by submitting a comic strip. "thud" and "wham" still count as words right? the capitalisation highlights the meaning. there was an initial intention to encode something more via capitalisation but then i got lazy. the circle mean the symbiosis of different yet conflicting motives, interpretations and a reflection of the circle of life. depending on whether you read clockwise or anti-clockwise there are three different meanings i was going for. there is symbolism between sleep and death as well as life and being awake. i purposely made it vague and incorporated symbolism so that the reader could create their own story. lol hope your mind is eased
    Yeah. I just used to enjoy my time here far more. Even now skimming threads, I find myself wanting to respond to some of the negative threads (like Cherry's), and I have to just remind myself it's not worth my time and I log myself out.

    You were/are easily one of the more enjoyable people that I've spoken to here. So here I am momentarily again. ;)
    I might be in and out. I still lurk and saw someone I really wanted to respond to today. But I realized I wasn't posting (didn't find much of interest) except to argue with a few people I find disagreeable, and it was a negative experience and not worth my energy. I need to channel my energy better. I took leave of another forum as well, and it's freeing me up to at least be more productive. So, maybe I'll come on every now and then if I'm lurking and see something of value...

    Honestly, I didn't expect the penguins to take off like that. normally penguins don't fly.

    How would this separation work:

    INFP as NF
    synthesis (Fi-Ne) synthesis
    analysis (Si-Te) analysis

    analysis (Sx and Tx) analysis
    synthesis (Fx and Nx) synthesis

    analysis (Sx and Fx) synthesis
    analysis (Tx and Nx) synthesis

    synthesis (Nx and Tx) analysis
    synthesis (Fx and Sx) analysis
    Had I read this 'fore cavin',
    I would have loved the pavan,
    and a game sounds like heaven,
    With TMills27.

    (sorry, I'm not a good at poetry).
    I was considering changing some of the text I copied just to be funny, but I doubted anyone would read far enough to find the funny stuff...
    hahaha... I guess I started a penguin trend. you're too funny! :)

    Maybe I should have settled for the trapdoor spider or something even more odd.
    It made me laugh audibly, so I thought it was a very nice gesture. Sometimes I wonder if I'm wasting my virtual breath with those kinds of posts, especially when they are met with wiggly retorts. It's nice to know they aren't falling on deaf eyes.
    I might have pm'ed you on the subject, but my "sent" stuff says differently. Yeah, I'd love to talk about it.
    Would you be willing to share your mental journey? From mystical beliefs/insanity back to reality? You can PM if you like.

    I'm asking because it's obviously interesting, and also sounds somewhat familiar. I'd like to be aware of warning signs. I'm also tempted to try and fit it into a model of the world that doesn't result in a diagnosis - though that should be worrying in itself, apparently. (The cult of sanity is almost like religion. The minute you start questioning it, you're in danger of going to hell. We're kept from properly evaluating competing paradigms by the threat of madness - exploration is the sign of its evil hand at work, so we avoid it.) (But if the sanity god IS real, then all these things ARE potential signs!)

    I understand if you don't want to - it's a very personal thing. But you've spoken about it somewhat openly so I thought I'd ask.
    “Anyone who isn't embarrassed of who they were last year probably isn't learning enough.” ― Alain de Botton
    If you can build your calculations into an excell spreadsheet, then use a spreadsheet app on a phone or tablet to work your problems. I build little spreadsheet programs and format the cell to the size and color of my liking and download it to my phone. Handy calculations for electricity and hydraulics. Very handy.
    How do I express that I need for you to have an avatar without sounding like a weirdo?

    I see your name but I can't relate you to anything unless you have an avatar. It's like speaking to someone missing their face. It is disconcerting.

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