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  • Not quite. I am saying that socionics INFp correlates to MBTI INFJ which correlates to Pod'lair Nai'Xyy. I am also saying that MBTI's type code is done the wrong way around, so that they should actually be INFP.

    You are an INFp, a Beta. You complain about INFJs.com because there is not a free emotional atmosphere, i.e. because it is not Fe. And there is not enough focus on the more mystical sides of intuition, and only discussion of boring real world phenomena.

    This is all according to Model A, which has the same functions as MBTI. Our Ti and Se are not true conscious use of those functions, rather they are emulation do to our valuing of them. I think Quadras really are just the function set groups.

    It also means we have conscious Te and Si, however these are always masked by an overlayer of Fe and Ni. However, as we approach these states we become like an ENTJ or ESFJ respectively which is interesting. The STP stuff is just pretending.

    I think I am INFp and you are INFp and there really is a j/p switch except there wouldn't be if MBTI hadn't screwed everything up.

    I assume that you, like I often do, have interpreted EII and delta quadra to fit how you see yourself, and defined the other stuff as how you're not, when really you are an INFp.

    Ni-Fe is what it meant in MBTI still, just has IJ said. However, I still feel that the approach we were using has some kind of validity, but it makes everything more complicated (like I have been saying - it implies a second function model, a second quadra grouping, a dichotomy that can divide the population into two, 16 different IEs, etc.

    That's why we seem P-like despite being Js. We actually are perceiver types, because we are dominant perceivers. We are Ps. "INTP" in the sense of Jim Parsons/Sheldon are actually Js.


    That means the true custodians of this forum are what we had thought of as INTJ, who are actually INTp. This should be a Nai'Zyy forum, not Zai'Nyy.
    Well, would you look at that. Going around with creepy cat avatars seems to open walls.

    Hey, to what do I owe the pleasure of chatting with Mr. Creepy Cat?
    B-but... I thought you were a sweet and naive INFJ with a love of ghosts!
    Not a psychopathic yuri lover with a fetish for baked treats!D:

    Er, so if I keep the treats all for me, I also get a spanking?:D
    Sweet deal!
    It cannot be!


    I thought you were sweet and innocent! But it seems that was merely the Jekyll to your Hyde!
    Well if the release pattern, which I have paid great attention to, has anything to hold, then six would have had it's character revealed alongside the new costumes and phantom train stage. As such, we're led to believe they have nothing more to add.
    But hey, we get Edea, Tifa, Lightning and Yuna, so what's to complain about? :3
    Plenty to fawn over.
    Oh yes, we need a six remake badly. Though not a 3DS one with deformed cartoony graphics. We need one with realistic proportions, as with the new FFIV PsP remake. :)
    Well too few these days are aware of the brilliance of a game such as six, or of delectable yuri pairings. ;P
    I'm somewhat annoyed that Dissidia Duodecim isn't getting Celes, or so it seems. :(
    Ah. What a glorious cookie indeed! Thank you!:D
    silly toast!

    i had a clever idea for a reply to you before the server crash. now i've lost it. don't you hate when that happens? >>
    Let's just say it involved food/pizza entering through various difference orifices at the same time. ^^ ....o_x

    There is no thought-police after all.
    All imaginations are fair game. ;p

    And I actually thought of that too. I came up with a few but they're pretty graphic, so I'll abstain. :angel:

    studying while eating pizza
    having a logic debate while eating pizza
    driving while eating pizza
    working out while eating pizza
    watching a movie while eating pizza
    skydiving while eating pizza
    getting married while eating pizza
    eating pizza... while eating pizza
    vomiting... while eating pizza
    ..er wait.. eww..
    "There is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza."

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