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  • Because you know math could you help me with my ai program? i simply need the logic but also the type of language could be different than python, i just don't know how c++ works and java IDK wont work on my pc but i can follow procedure and help with modification of code: a procedure i made of objects and subjects


    firstly it can be text based but it is a general procedure for creating networks structure through reinforcement learning:

    node(node(data -> action, add -> node(n)))

    i know you like math and the ID thread i just got to understand recently when i learned math so i know you can help me if you want to, thanks :)

    Self Programming AI Structure
    Have you also spent a lot of time watching videos of animals on youtube and reading about them on wikipedia in order to uncover the nature of consciousness?
    I had just had a nap when i wrote that bit,kinda didnt pay attention to phrasing. But back to the point, no ones ever called me badass before "tearing up" im so happy
    This most deinitely reflects me, im a badass warrior that wields a wicked sword:D

    In my spare time i laugh at creepy monsters as they try and beat me. ALL SHALL FALL.
    Fair enough. Evryones allowed their own opinion. Anyways im a little biased. Its from a game i have been waiting for since about a year ago. Dragonage inquisition. Has the story of mass effect and its ilk with the graphics of the new battlefield. Anywho when i have a spare moment ill try and find something more futureistic.
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