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  • PBS is good though, they have some indie movies or sometimes have shows from the BBC.

    You should! The thread is kinda' dieing though, you could revive it.

    Wow, that's crazy.

    I just a really good movie last night, it was called Following. It's pretty strange but very engaging.(Christopher Nolan Directed and wrote it) I watched it on Netflix instant view, I think I remember you saying you had netflix.
    I am feeling silly. Therefore I will say the following;


    Please do not report me. >.>
    It's hard to keep track, haha. I wish TV had better shows, I don't have cable so I get a lot of terrible stuff.

    Me too! People post 9 minute videos and sometimes more in 1 post. There's not much of a buildup through the videos, you can jump in anytime.

    I do have a dollar theatre near me but they just play the movies that are a few months old. Vegan cookies? haha that's awesome. I couldn't do the whole vegan thing, I enjoy meat too much :/
    That's very true, instant gratification is a disgusting. There was a TED video about instant gratification but I forget what it was called :(

    That's the one I saw too. It wasn't as strange to me as Eraserhead, by David Lynch. That movie still creeps me out.

    I have a hard time sitting down and watching a video, I probably have some form of ADD. I'm planning on watching Goodbye Lenin sometime this week.
    It's ok, I understand. I too am an INTP xD

    Oh hell, don't get me started. I had to see transformers 2, twice :( I'm also glad I didn't spend my own money for watch avatar.

    Directors cut of what? I forget...

    Mmmm, I think I've heard of that movie. The last two movies I saw were Memories of Murder and Stroszek. I'm pretty new to the whole movie scene, so I've a lot of catching up to do.

    No I haven't, I looked it up on IMDB and it looked interesting. Would you recommend it? What was it about?

    it was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever experienced.. so yea, long sentence.. but I fell in love with WV so I envy you for being able to live there
    Yea, I wasn't really able to ever figure out why I liked this guy. The way the lines twist and grow from his hair to his beard to his hands reminds me of a tree (old and wise). I think what drew me to it the most, though, is how much it felt like I was actually looking into him (looking into and through the mirror :P) instead of just looking at him - like he no longer cared about keeping up appearances and his internal self has become his external self with age... And the way he looks out at you, it makes me want to know what he's thinking.

    EDIT: I was creeping on your convo with rubberducky and saw that you lived in West Virginia! I drove there this past fall with some friends and we went camping, hiking and rafting - it was such a great time. WV is unbelievably beautiful; on our drive back home we went around this large lake/river system of some sort that had this cliff-like island place in the middle, and the sun was starting to set...
    Twas a bit of both really.

    My buddy and I were like, Hey, let's go to an anime convention as castle crashers!

    So we tried to get some other people to do it too, so we could have the four main castle crashers. But then those guys bailed, and me being INTP and him being INFP, we sort of both waited until the day before the convention (well, two days) and completed the entire costume in that day :P (rather last minute)

    But, it does have a purpose ^ Was a lot of fun ^_^ I Think there's even a short youtube clip of me!
    I'll probably watch 2 movies in a week. I think netflix defines my taste as "cerebral". haha. I like slow paced movies with strong characters. Music is also a huge part of the experience for me. Open ended movies are also interesting.

    That makes sense, it's really complex. They really don't define all the certain aspects of the story.

    Speaking of movies, i just saw Ikiru. It was really good. It's a Japanese movie made in 1952.

    Taking piano for 4 years taught me a lot, although i still can't read music :( Music is pretty simple as far as notes are concerned but it can get infinity complicated. I also noticed how simple some songs were...
    I like movies a lot, but i haven't seen many good ones. I'm now really picky with my movies. I wish my family had unusual taste, it's mostly just my mom who orders stuff from netflix. She likes Hitchcock and sappy stuff. My sister who's an INFP sometimes watches strange movies with me though :) Could you recommend another one?

    I thought it was good, i spent about 20 minutes after it ended figuring everything out. I think i figured about 80% of it out. I actually kept notes of what was happening during the movie because i knew it'd be helpful. haha I'm so lame xD

    I first discovered that CD this summer and I've loved it ever since.

    Wow, that's awesome. I wish i could have done that. I like bluegrass and old blues. I went on an instrument buying spree a few months ago, it was awesome.

    Jazz is just so completely different from other types of music. You can't predict what is going to be played or how fast, or what pattern. It's interesting to me, and more stimulating.
    I can understand. I had a 4g ipod, and it was depressing.

    I really love jazz, i could go on about it for a long time :) It's one of the only styles of music that's truly spontaneous, it's surprising and exciting. That also explains why a lot of people dislike it, it's not predictable like most music.

    Well, the one jazz album to have would be John Coltrane's a love supreme. I also like a lot of stuff by Charles Mingus his album Ah Um, and blues and roots are very good. Another favorite is the Dave Brubeck Quartet, specifically the album time out. There's 3 artists!

    No, but some friends have told me about it. (should i see it?) It seems very interesting. I'm starting to develop a strange taste in movies, preferably ones where you can draw your own conclusion about the plot. Eraserhead and eyes wide shut. I
    It is a comforting thought indeed, thank you. This also makes me want to watch Donnie Darko again. :D
    Heck yes! It's one of my favorites. I like Jake Gyllenhaal's character a ton, but the overall ambiance of the movie with all the Tears for Fears songs and the whole alienation from your peers thing (and how deliciously "small American town" it is) is the selling point for me. I see where you're relating this to that whole life line thing and how Donnie talks about taking into account the whole spectrum of human emotion. Oh man, I'm not sure why but just the whole teenage recklessness, romance, angst and fear themes in the movie resonate pretty strongly with me. Oh I also really like his conversations with his psychiatrist about God and whether we can combat the fear of loneliness and abandonment (by peers and the Creator). Great film!

    EDIT: Oh yea, also the whole being a prisoner of fear exchange with the late Patrick Swayze
    Yea, I've found that most of the artists that portray dark themes often end up being the most expressive since doing such usually translates into an understanding of both positive and negative emotion. I reckon' many people's tendency to not look for understanding, but rather happiness, leads them to disregard a lot of subject matter as simply another thing that can make them feel something that does not immediately lead to happiness (and it has been drilled into our heads since we were infants that happiness > all; it isn't merely another construct of the human mind).

    Sometimes, though, with all the 'happiness' in the world, it leads me to believe that I'm not happy enough, which makes me sad. I mean...I just can't understand how so many people make being alive seem so easy - like there just isn't anything to worry about. But there are so many things that I constantly question and I feel so uncertain all the time! :slashnew:
    I couldn't agree more. I often say (in my head of course) that people need to be able to recognize and embrace not only the 'good' spectrum of emotions/feelings but also the 'bad/evil' ones to come to a full understanding of human emotion. It bothers me how often people shun what society deems bad without fully understanding it.. :mad:
    Yea! That's pretty accurate I think. It used to be the album cover of Radiohead's The Bends, but it has gone through a few photoshop edits and that's where it's at right now. You're avatar is kind of disturbing in its own respect..is the skull some sort of foreshadowing perhaps?
    How could someone steal an iPod? That's pure evil.

    Really? That's awesome, a radio station near me always plays "i think i need a new heart" it's wonderful.

    You should try listening to some jazz, you'll be hip :)
    I'm always scared to tell people my age my favorite bands, I've only met a few kids at school that share my interests. I had something of a music Epiphany about 4 years ago, when i started listening to different things, besides mainstream rock etc. Although now when i look at the artists i listen to, i still think i need to expand my taste. I'm just never content, but that's comforting when it comes to music.

    Recommend some? Ok :)For a sad day I'd recommend Chopin, his Nocturnes are amazing. If you're feeling adventurous try fuck buttons album tarot sport. My favorite album now is 69 love songs by the magnetic fields, the lead singer plays the ukulele :) if you like them you'd probably also like jens lekman.

    What music do you like?
    Shit, I know. If i have to talk about another mediocre band or discuss the weather I'll implode. You haven't been here that long, so welcome? :)

    Violin is beautiful, I've always wanted to buy one but I know I'll need someone to teach it to me. I've been playing for a few years but i haven't had lessons in a long time, it's a great starting place to learn all the chords and such. Haha, you should start playing it, Ukes are really easy to play I have a cheap $50 one but it sounds pretty decent. Speaking of music what music/bands do you like?
    I'm more then willing to analyze or discuss anything interesting or intellectual, although i rarely get the chance. I hope when i get to college people will respect intelligence a tad more.

    Yes it is :) I've been playing for a few months and i love it. Do you play anything?
    We should continue the entire Beauty/love conversation and see how many posts 2 people can make on one thread :)

    And, hi.
    lol I am anything but organized. Just been through enough to know that I need to stay focused.

    Your only 15! If you had goals I would think there was something wrong with you.
    I try to constantly remind myself of goals. Since I frequent the forum a lot, I will see my avatar and remind myself not to smoke :).

    That's the reason I put a lot of quotes on my sig too.

    I call it repetitive reinforcement. There probably is already a term for it...but I have no idea what it is. :confused:
    thanks! that is what i was going for so i'm glad that it seems that way x] but your comment: greatly appreciated :)
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