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  • yes, i do. sadly, i have been guilty of that kind of laziness myself periodically throughout my life. but i am gradually developing critical thinking (it can be hard for NFs at first). for instance, here are some nuggets i came up with in the last few days:

    i don't really trust most politicians, but i think it's a fallacy to assert they can be trusted under no circumstances. rather than view them as a homogeneous group of crooks, i subdivided them into three categories:

    1. career crooks
    2. fair-weather/opportunistic crooks
    3. those who are actually fighting against corruption arduously and constantly

    it's the same with corporate media. i don't think it can be 100% lies. i think there are honest, dedicated journalists who infiltrate these organizations and do their best to get the truth out, even if they're eventually sacked or what-have-you. im sure there are plenty of corrupt liars though.

    got any nuggets of reasoning like that that might help me?
    Lack of imagination, too, really. Have not seen the movie (ASD), but now on my 2nd go-around of the book. Didn't realize at first what a good fit it is, with the themes of drug abuse, erosion of identity, and eventual psychosis/catatonia... I want to watch the movie.

    Eh...so you're not much for conspiracy theories, etc., I take it?
    I keep meaning to say: I really love your avatar. You also pour a lot of great insight into your posts. Thank you for that.
    Hey, I enjoy your posts, especially the ones about MBTI. Many of them articulate my own thoughts much better - particularly the one about the tautological nature of MBTI.
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