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Stoic Beverage

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  • *hands over some moldy bread and stale wine*
    (Never was fond of wine... beer is acceptable along with other feminine fruity concoctions)
    Ah zarg. >.<
    I see. Your lack of choice would make it easier to pick one, hm?
    Oh yes, happy new year!
    There were fireworks at midnight at our place.
    Pleasant and equally loud. >.<
    Sometimes, I don't quite understand the commotion of days like today.
    >.< Well, if we are in a festive mood, atleast there's another 52.1775 weeks to wait until the next New Year comes along.
    Merry Christmas, companion!

    Hm. I never cared for mine. Too nosy.
    >.< *insert _____ for an Nocty-approved conversation*
    To come to think of it, I need a new avi. Suggestions?
    >.< I see.
    I suppose roughly the same schtuff happen over Christmas as well?
    Our Christmas reunions are pretty much just embarassing and awkward.
    Hm. How does one deal with embarassment?
    Much thanks for the site. :3
    As for my thanksgiving, unlike in the States, mine came around during October.
    My family doesn't do much for Thanksgiving...
    We just went out for lunch at a Vietnamese noodle house. >.<
    And the normal scheduled life returned after 3:00 pm that day.

    What do normal families do for Thanksgiving?
    I hear turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing is traditional...
    Games, perhaps?
    Hrm. Stoic-kun seems to be horridly busy.
    However, despite that, it is better than the current boredom i find myself in. (Ennui?)
    I have managed to audition for a musical this year... which in an obscure groupie part way down in the bottom of the cast list... *sigh*
    Today is a nice day. No snow but plenty of frost.
    I am disappointed with how little I know. Yet this can be easily fixed if I had some sort of motivation. How do you attain knowledgeable schtuff?
    Recommended sites?
    >.< Eh, kindle hm? ... *KILL!!!!* :knightsword:

    Well. >.< I am of official age to commence driving at my place. Whoo.
    However, once people figure out your age, they tend to ask whether you have started driving or not. If you say yes, all is well. If not, then they tend to give you the odd stare, implying that you are not following the social conformity that dictates "Everybody that is 16 has to drive!" ... Meh. >.<

    I can fully understand the driving is a big step into future independance, but for some reason, I can't bring myself to an ecstatic mode when I think about it [driving].

    Hm. Apparently Obama won. ... Erm. Canadians don't care for much that happens outside of their borders. ... >.< However, I would be most happy to hear your thoughts. Did you vote, hm?
    (Nocty has just read Orwell's "Down And Out in Paris and London". Most admirable and highly recommended. >.< Perhaps you may find yourself parallel with a few tramps and vagrants out there in that era, hm? >.<)
    Eh, you egree?!? >.<
    Hm. I see what you mean and I egree also... >.<
    What exactly is your "religious" views, hm?
    I will attempt to try to be officially agnostic for now.
    (Oh, and happy Hallow's Eve! I am quite sure I will see you at the sacrificial bon-fire tomorrow night, hm? >.<)
    >.< I am surprised also. Urgh.
    (Really, being the author of a thread is somewhat meaningless until you actually participate in the discussion. *sigh*)
    Hm. As for my view on religion, I always have found the practices overly similar to assorted authoritarian government. (Golly gosh, I feel like I am crawling further towards an unfamiliar branch!)
    The practices seem to be attempts to manipulate viewpoints and mindsets.
    E.g.- The christian practice of worship. The seemingly closed-minded when attempting to consider other religions or perspectives the oppose the religion.
    However, what I have said may not be entirely final since I have only direct contact with Christianity.
    Hm. Comments? Thoughts? Your stance?
    >.< *nod in agreement* >.<
    ~ ~ ~
    I am somehow annoyed when the thread 'Reality of Christianity' shows up as I press the 'New Posts' link. Urgh.
    Possible triggers:
    -because I created the thread and kicked it out the door for it to fend for itself. >.<
    -because I do not have enought liable information to produce an reasonable opinion in the thread *sigh*
    -because, in coherence with above, I get lost in the mass of opinions
    >.< The weather forecast predicts 80% realism and 69% pessimism for this fine fine day.
    *nom-nom-nomminy* Sounds good. Meat is good. I often have a hard time imagining myself as a vegan/vegetarian... Meh.
    Well, I'm not exactly completely carnivorous yet... but in the near future, it is still probable.
    (I just devoured a wonderful pepperoni, just to understate things. >.<)
    Hm. I had the notion that Stoic-kun would only resort of Guinness beer, ah, any how, it works!
    *time stops somehow...* >.<
    *invites Stoic-kun to fill in the topic*
    "Social contact is delicious as well." ... ... >.<
    Oh dear. I fear the dreaded apocalypse has finally arrived. ... Well.
    Cheers! *hands Stoic-kun a wonderful orange cooler*
    >.< I shall officially be an xNTP.

    As for the short autumn hibernation, ah... well. >.< *chains Stoic-kun to his chair....*
    (Ah. Of course Nocty can't help but appear desperate for the fizzy zing of Guinness beer. .. And the maintenance of the very least social contact.)
    *sigh* Many items.
    However, recently, my favorite pen just ran out of black ink... *sigh* Well, it did last for a few months without dropping out of my pockets. >.< Urgh.
    Hm. You suppose the forum will forgive a pseudo-intp member, hm? (Namely me?)
    Mmm.. Fascinating? Hardly. >.<
    I always find it a pity to axe a tree. Well, on the other hand, now you can plant a new species! Yay trees.

    (Moving on...) Nocty wonders if Stoic-kun ever feel sentimental when nice things he own breaks/becomes useless, resulting in the negligence to chuck it into the trash bin when it comes around...
    Ah I see. I just had some overwhelming "suspection" that Stoic-kun was up to no good again. >.<

    The anecdote, hm? Okay, then.
    *clears throat* Well... When one my friends moved to a new house quite a while ago, they planted an innocent looking tree in their backyards.
    As time progressed, the tree has grown to a ridiculous size giving them ample shade.
    One day, a storm came about (storms are quite regular here) and knocked off the large branch. This branch smacked against their house and caused the formation of a nice big hole in their wall and few broken windows. The family got annoyed and phoned the city council/mayor/government to get the permission to whack the tree. However, that act wasn't allowed because the tree was some threatened and protected species in that area. ... Well, a few more storms came and the family got even more annoyed.
    Eventually, the tree got the axe. The end! >.<
    >.< Hm, "felled a tree"?

    Hrm. The closest experience I had with an axe was throwing it towards a target (namely, tree stump inverted....) . Hehe. Canadians, eh? >.<

    On the extreme serious note, are you sure that was legal? (some mayors/government figures are bent on protecting trees... If requested, a little anecdote may be leaked.)
    What type, for the lack of a better word (if any...) of tree is it?
    Whee! >.<
    Yes, grizzly bears are quite soft, in fact, in Canada, you can readily pick them up from the local dump site! For free! >.<

    *nod* Rain is nice and you can get plenty of it near the coast where there is, in average, 3-8 days of mild snow in the winter. (The rest is just pouring rain.)
    Hehe. That is mighty encouraging. I am sure we can manage something after graduation, hm? >.<
    If you fancy coming to somewhere in Canada that's rainy, cold, and filled with grizzly bears hiding on top of trees, here is the place for you. Short summers, and long everything elses. >.<
    *Nocty (as Melkor would call me) waves a bundle to tickets to carnival rides!*
    Hehe. I remember Renaissance Festival since you mentioned it last ... year? >.<
    Yes, yes, me and my good reliable memory. >.<

    Two similar conversations is quite nice because I always have a tendency to click the 'Send' button before I want to add just a bit more to the message. >.<

    Now, due to further complications, I have ended up taking Psychology instead of Pre-Cal 12 this year. Which is okay. I guess. >.<
    Really, to be quite honest, this year will be a complete bore.

    Hm. Every hard course? Well. As for myself... hm.
    Well... Since I took a pre-calculus course a year ahead of my mateys, my schedule is still being revised.
    Either I don't take the next pre-calculus course this year and fill it in with a much-hoped for Psychology/Law, or... well. That remains undecided until, hm, tomorrow!

    >.< Of course if all ends unwell, I can always make a trip to the office and be obnoxious. >.<
    Time machine? Hmmm... I'd say it would be lovely to wind up that machine and travel back in time or into the future. But slowing time? Hm. I might need that eventually, however that would only increase the percentage of procrastination within me by 90%.
    Hm. Would this particular machine apply it's "time-slowing" function for you only or for others too?
    Due my long time exposure to other humans through my work environment, I am somewhat immune to human presence.
    "Auto-pilot"? Hehe. I feel/appear that way too at times.
    Do you ever get those automated responses to those common questions other people ask?
    Orientation, hm?
    Funny, my school doesn't have those before the term. Or perhaps only for the new-comers. Meh.
    Hugs? Though I am unfriendly towards them, they are very mildly acceptable.
    Erm. A coming disaster. Due to trying to please my Fe, my goal is good marks, which is not always achievable. >.< Ah, oh well.
    I have shrugged that mentality off quite a bit by now.
    Hrm. "...responsible things...", eh? And that would be? >.<

    Well. School starts in about a week.
    Any regrets? Sentiments?
    Ah, the piano kind! That's nice, however, a grand piano would be much worthier. >.<

    I see. Well, I am still in the phase where Starbuck drinks and books seems agreeable. >.<
    Hm. I see. Well, I can understand your joy. After all, as I've stated sometime before, the world revolves around money!

    Just curious though, how do you spend your money?
    I tend to either save it for something big or blow it on some books/games/toys/food. >.<
    That is, if I ain't too stingy.
    Hmmm... >.<

    I see. I think I heard that somewhere. ... A book, perhaps? Movie? >.<
    Concerning feudal Japan, I would recommend the book "Shogun" by James Clavell, despite my irritation with the static attitude of the main character. >.<

    Perhaps you have read it before, hm?
    Hrmm. >.<
    ... Why thanks for asking, Stoic-kun, Icarus and Varekai are also doing quite well.

    Hm. The phallic nature of a katana? Interesting. Care to elaborate?
    Hehe. >.<

    All my little clones of Varekai! >.<
    Unfortunately, my daemons aren't humans.

    How's Sebastien?
    Both possibilities are both possible. >.<
    (Note: "squishing", nay "crushing".)

    Hehe. I would never expect Stoic-kun be that curious/ambitious. >.<
    I see...
    I am usually fascinated with symbols that bear a symbolic meaning I know of.

    As of this one (>.<), let's be fanciful, it must mean two broken door hinges squishing an orange in the middle.
    Ehh! Really? You feel (, yes, feel...) that way too sometimes, hm?
    Well, I guess the young ones will keep up some day.
    It is only natural to blame the nature of youth for such a flaw. >.<

    Note: Many thanks.
    *hm* I never expected you to react so kindly upon la musique francais. >.<
    Hehe. That happens. I find myself in the same predicament more than often. Then, somehow, I lose interest in the particular item for a few days and forgets about it until whenever.
    Anyways, how lazy are you? ...
    Of course, no offense as usual if any is ever taken from you.
    These days, I find myself being extremely lazy. Well, I was quite lazy before but now, its' symptoms have "severified".
    I have only noticed this since I realizing that I know very little (as in possible trivial facts, information, sch-tuff, in general) compared to other fellow INTPs out there... Hm.
    .... Help?
    Veh! Happy Belated Independance Day!
    Greetings from Brother Canada! >.<
    *throws red and blue patriotic missiles to Stoic-kun*

    (... MADE IN CHINA >.<...)
    Argh! >.<
    I am often irritated by your wide pancake of knowledge.
    (Please excuse, I have just had breakfast. >.<)
    Hm. A real living bohemian of society, how fun!
    Well, I must say that I have not created my own philosophy which has irritated me a bit more recently... ... Hm.
    As I've probably said before, Epicurus' "theory" seems agreeable however my intuition turns my head to the left and tells me to question it.
    Here's an interesting article:

    To be honest, I've found this on one the this forum's thread; perhaps you've read it already.
    Allow me to rudely change the subject immediately.
    Firstly, please educate me concerning your philosophy. (I was trying to find your comment on that within our mile long conversation, ... but I got lost, as usual.)

    ... Wait. I'm sure it was something along the lines of Epicurus and happiness.... Hm. >.<
    Oh no! *looks away*
    Now, I must blame you for deceiving me by sending that little "Hey There Cthulhu" song. ... ... >.<
    Oh, you silly cthulhu worshipers! >.<
    >.< Hm. Job aren't always nice though...
    Nice jobs and nice, but even nice schools are horrid.
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