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  • It's not NFs, I'm kinda confused why you're going there. It's mostly intjs with strong fi/te. Plus all the people who lodge there who have been kicked off other forums and/or can't function irl and they have spent years normalizing their behavior, like lark and mal. There's still some decent people, but the good is kind of nullified by the other rigid groups. If there was more Ne, that would be great. But it's just way overbalanced in one direction.
    I saw your post on TypC. Yeah, kinda... that's why I bailed. The landscape there is not really of interest to me anymore. It just lodges too many folks who try to dominate discussions with their own pet values without engaging or discussing; the community became very fractured. I realized I had pulled back as well and that my time investment was me just talking to myself, so.... why continue?
    Hey! Just curious, your username - is that in regards to Sacred Stigmata (religious) or in regards to something else?
    We might as well at least make some sort live spectacle out of our self-loathing and suspend the fan over a massive aquatic tank filled with various forms of sharks, eels, and other poisonous water lizard. Or better it could be some sort of contest where we bury the razor blades in pile of pig feces contained in one of five randomly assorted suitcases containing, to which we can only begin to find it by eating through this and waiting for the digestive process to take hold and see which one of us bleeds to death through the rectum.
    Well, maybe it was, I just didn't notice when I typed it. Yeah, I've been mostly joking about this stuff. I feel like shit but I'm not suicidal or anything. The self-deprecating adjectives were the truest part of any of it. Actually the whole convo has cheered me up immensely. Before this I hadn't smiled all fucking day. :D

    But what's the fun in saying THAT? We've got to kill ourselves, man. Pour some hot sauce and pig feces on those razor blades while we're at it. After the fan breaks we can just fall into a flaming pool of gasoline and motor oil.
    Lol, I'm not sure what the pun was, but... thanks? Sorry about all this, I didn't mean to be an asshole or anything. I just had to say something when you posted after me in the Depression thread. :) Do have a good day now. The world war fought with nukes could be a long ways off, and there'll always be more Reese's.
    I like your style. It'll be sort of like a Jackson Pollock painting, but in your own blood. I just hope that the ceiling fan is strong enough to support you, or else you aren't very heavy. Wouldn't want for it to break and you to accidentally survive or anything.

    Are you sure suicide would cut it though? Maybe you need to really suffer for your transgressions. Death just seems too easy. I want the catharsis that comes with pain.
    Yeah, schadenfreude's a bitch, isn't it?

    Sick? Perhaps. I was thinking more along the lines of cowardly, incompetent, inadequate, miserable, worthless, devoid of value, and unable to make things better, but only worse, no matter how fucking hard I try. I can't even say I didn't have a fair chance. I just fucking blew it anyway.

    But yeah, probably a little sick too. Apparently I do bait people who are having a bad day so I can unleash torrents of self-deprecating adjectives on them. If it's any consolation to you, I do feel like shit.

    Which is it anyway, razor blades or liquorice noose?
    Thanks, that made me feel better. :)

    I hope your day goes better, and that you eventually get your Reese's blast.
    I don't think I have the energy for that right now. I'd probably just fuck it up too if I tried.

    Mind if I ask what it is that's bothering you? Misery loves company, you know.
    Yeah, I mean I'm totally not overwhelmingly glad that it didn't actually happen. :p
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