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Steven Gerrard

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  • First, I want to make it clear that I appreciate your presence here. Honestly. If I ever insult someone I do it as clearly and directly as possible.

    Second, I'm not an artist, at least not formally. I'd agree that I have an artistic sense, but I have no training in it and my manual dexterity is literally 8th percentile. It's a hobby for me, if anything.

    And you've got to love dictionaries. And Google. :D
    It is nice to see someone INTP be open about their faith on this forum. There is a lot of blinkered atheism going on here, so it is great to see someone with faith argue rationally with people who think themselves more rational...if you get my gist.

    Keep posting :)

    PS: I don't have the blessing of religious belief, but I like reading about people who have faith and their experiences. It is interesting.

    PPS: I got what you meant about authority. Sometimes it may be necessary to surrender one's faith to something higher, as life can be so f...g confusing without guidance. There are people here who surrender to Nihilism...and lately...The Void. :rolleyes:We all crave guidance at different stages of our lives, in one form or another.
    Hey, no need to be apologetic about this, or let me be a little apologetic myself. I might have caused this by replying to your post, however in the end we seem to have understood our intentions.
    Welcome and I am interested to see your activity in the spiritual threads.
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