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  • Sadly yes , im an isolated bronie , im pretty much isolated everything . Ive never spoke to people that act or like the same things i like up until yesterday hahaha sad but true . I love that its fantasy/magic , personal growth and social structure and not to mention cute!
    I get made fun of for watching MLP religiously . Nice to see another fan !! :D
    "Are we aware that Woody ish the evil mirror of Meursault commodified by Capitalism? And the potato, I lav him."
    "Sisyphus pushes rock and so on and so on..." :D

    That would be pretty awesome. I feel like a lot of philosophers don't engage with Camus as much because he insisted on being a "literary" guy. Although then again Zizek isn't like most philosophers. Maybe one day when he is able to draw an outrageous enough connection he'll bring up Camus.
    Just for the sake of my own entertainment...

    Well, no offence but, what exactly is so special about the the ponies? I'm sure the show is cheerful and happy, but I wouldn't watch 5 episodes in a row. =/
    Oh gosh, I just googled "powerpuff girls and my little pony" and it turns out Lauren Faust is married to Craig McCracken which explains the similarities of the two shows.
    I love the ponies!!!! Just started watching recently and it's as good as powerpuff girls was in my opinion. My favorite is rainbow dash.
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