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  • Damn, I didn't know there was a character limit in these messages. I only doubled the limit plus a hundred:D.

    So a synopsis:

    1. Not liberal/conservative/moderate. I'm pragmatic with social libertarian leanings. l/c/m is false paradigm, especially in US politics.

    2. US quality of care better than any 3rd world, I agree. It's not the best though and we pay way too much for not the best. I'm talking quality and availability, we are not the best but we pay the most. THE most.

    More later on the vid but I did spot a couple logical fallacies (wiki has a good list of those) that didn't make for a good start but I will at least go deeper into it at some point to see if it gets better logically.
    Okay, I'm pausing this at the 4 minute mark. Before I go on, what exactly am I supposed to be looking for or at? From the outset, it looks like one partisan extremist attacking opposite partisan extremists. Before I invest 44 more minutes, can you give me some idea as to what this is getting at? If it's just another my side is right, their side is wrong argument, I guess I'd be glad to pick it apart. I can do that from either side, but if there is a something in particular here I'm supposed to be seeing.....?
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