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  • Haha! I've lost count of how many times my hot latina girlfriends said that to me when I lived in Mexico.

    But I really never left. I'm here reading all the time. Just don't have much to say these days.
    Hi, I am pretty sure you are familiar with the wrench. I have difficulty with normal standard wrenches. I struggle a lot with them. Took me a good two hours to replace a battery because I spent far too much time trying to get the nuts off of the bolts on and off, mostly due to how damn stiff the bolts and nuts are. Do you experience such difficulty as well? How have you dealt with such situations? Oh and are you scared of removing sensor plugs? I am terrified of something going wrong if I pull the wrong plug and turn on the car.
    I miss my kids altogether, since they live away. But I'm taking kind of hard the fact my oldest is going in the other direction for college, so he'll be even less accessible. :(

    I don't miss the kids being BABIES... ugh... that was a hard time. But there was a real delight when they were 3-6 or so; they still needed care and oversight, but they were just fun, and always around, and they were learning so much, and that's a time when parents can be involved.

    After that age, school and friends take more priority. As teens, they've got their own lives, and I feel more distant. :( It's funny how all that goes, and hard to believe how fast it went.

    I use:
    30 mins til auto sleep ('in case I need to use it soon')
    1hr til auto hibernation ('I won't be using it for awhile').

    The problem with sleep mode is that if you tend to have a bunch of open documents and sessions, you might get a blue screen or some other issue and lose your work. Hibernation shuts down the pc and saves all your sessions and is still pretty quick to boot up.

    I close my browser when getting off also since it seems to slow down the wake up process.

    * Yeah it's good to do a restart/full shutdown once in a while.
    Lol -- "biggest mother" could be scanned in SOOOOO many ways, not all entirely flattering, but then again that aspect of it made me laugh.

    Thanks much! :)
    I have always hated Volkswagens after my brother's insistence on a 1996 Vento for the family. Had things going wrong all the time and drank fuel like it had a hole in the tank. Do you work on them on your own or get the work done elsewhere?

    I presume Spanish speaking countries deal with Volkswagens like Toyotas. We bought a Toyota Camry for the family in 2007. It's automatic so it's not as stressful to drive as compared to the E30. The Gol looks like a Toyota Vios or Corolla to me. Certainly is specified like that.
    I wanted to show some sort of acknowledgement, some sort of respect. I thought this to be significant because I want to grant you such acknowledgement. Because I felt it to be righteous to do so. Do I make sense? IDK.. :D
    Do emotions have any significance at all? If so, I'd argue mine to be of significance as well
    Thanks for noticing; one sentence should clear the matter up. I moved to a new house last week.
    INTPc is more of a smoking club than an INTP hangout. I don't think many of the prominent members are INTPs, certainly they had little interest in in-depth conversations and analysis. Mostly they liked one-upmanship and jokes. I tried discussing interesting topics and new ideas but the response was either apathy or active disinterest.
    impulse mostly. Had several in mind I wanted to switch to, and I think I had the esc key one for over a year already.
    cannot discern the quote. Moral men who kill without feeling? How is that related to judgment?
    Haha that sucks man. You should dedicate a day to organizing your mp3 files, it'd take fucking ages but I'm sure it'd be worth it...
    So I'm sure you have an iTunes library (or equivalent) of a fuck load of songs I'm sure, so, curious, keep them all on an iPod or what? .. I've got a 16 GB nano, not really enough space. Delete the songs you're not into anymore? ...
    "I find the mere idea of the unwashed touching the Golden to be abhorrent in the extreme."

    ARe you mocking me?
    "*portion equating to sheer ignorance truncated for clarity*"
    "Your Facebook Industrial Complex protocol does not apply here."

    Oh man, your shit cracks me up sometimes. I've been thinking that for months, but just now had to get around to saying something about it. (of course it'll suck when it comes around to my turn, but oh well)

    Carry on now, nothing to see here.
    Hey, responding to a post you made in my intro post, which I seemed to miss:

    Nope, never held any official position over at INTPc. I think I remember you from there though.
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