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  • Who are you?

    No, jk. I just have a lot of crap to do in my real life and am not on too much.
    If you have some criticism to offer on how I make my points I would like to hear them. Some of the stuff I post is just writing intangible thoughts or unformed intuition. Some statements might seem like a point I am trying to make but is really my eccentric humor like the animal consciousness bit I posed to you. I was curious what you would do with it.
    Clinton couldn't even get a little something on the side without getting himself impeached. How do you think he managed to hide all of his methodical plans on gaining power over the citizens? Our recent presidents are jokes.
    I don't think our government officials are intelligent enough to come up with this idea to steal our tax money. I would not deny that some are oppurtunists, but I think a lot of situations arrise out of subconscious human nature vs methodical.
    It was a past interest in politics that I had and was curious of your position. Mine is that the science is solid to the extent that we do cause warming but that media miss represents and embellishes it. It is an entertainment value but it also is attractive to those whose ideals cause them to look at business and oil with disgust.
    Well, it's hard to get so specific but if it is considered controversial politically I usually join in.

    You kind of sound ENTP. They like to stir the pot and see what cooks. I probably should question your type but I took your profile type indication IxTx as an indication of your uncertainty.
    When are we going to do some duels? I am waiting to see what you bring up that is emotionally upsetting yet fun to ponder.
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