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  1. Snail

    Yes, but I find that it helps me organize the chaos at least enough to see where the...

    Yes, but I find that it helps me organize the chaos at least enough to see where the interconnections would go, if there were a way to depict something very tangled. :)
  2. Snail

    something I discovered recently that you nerds will probably bust a nut over.

    Well, I find it pretty useful for basic introspection. I can ask a question in the first node about something I'm trying to figure out, and then in the child nodes, I give possible answers. After that, I make another set of nodes for each child node, describing any associations I come up with...
  3. Snail

    something I discovered recently that you nerds will probably bust a nut over.

    http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Download It's a mind-mapping program that helps people organize their thoughts. I'm loving it. There are all kinds of features that allow you to get the specific variations perfect, using colors, shapes, icons, etc. I was playing around with...
  4. Snail

    oxytocin "Cuddle chemical" may help austism spectrum socialize

    Oxytocin kicks ass, but I can see how administering it artificially could potentially be misused to "treat" things that weren't actually problems. :confused:
  5. Snail

    Dominance and how it may be established

    I usually deal with this problem by choosing not to put myself in positions where I must have authority over others, but in some situations, like when I babysit, I need to be in control. I obtain this control by keeping the children interested, entertained, and emotionally involved in any tasks...
  6. Snail

    Depression and Intelligence?

    I don't think it has to do with the T preference. It could be the IN__ combination, and if so, then yes, there is probably a correlation between depression and intelligence. IN__ types tend to have higher IQ's than E types or S types. They are also less common and therefore more likely to...
  7. Snail

    I don't know what to call this, just come look.

    I get creative ideas while out walking, but I don't think it has to do with the activity iself as much as the location. If I am out where nobody can hear me, I can sing without consequences, I can experiment and try out how things sound together, and I can talk to myself without seeming crazy or...
  8. Snail

    The Weird Feelings Club

    So, it makes you a complete, balanced person? And you do feel?
  9. Snail

    Misc image editing

    Haha!!! Sharks with frickin' laser beams!
  10. Snail

    The Weird Feelings Club

    INTPs in love are weird. It's not like normal love. It's like, "I think I have an intellectual curiosity about another mind, even though I have no feelings and don't care if that other person is actually here." I don't get what makes it different from what INFPs call "friendship." Any insights...
  11. Snail

    The "Come Back!" Club

    Yeah, I consider my online life more real than "real" life, because it is more spiritually and psychologically fulfilling. The only other difference is distance, and even that is a physical thing.
  12. Snail

    The "Come Back!" Club

    Actually, he's a Tolowa, but that's close enough. His expenses during treatment have depleted his savings, even with his insurance covering the radiation itself. I probably won't be getting a computer for a while unless someone just gives me a used laptop with wireless internet capabilities...
  13. Snail

    "Survival games personalities play"

    Yes, I especially tend to do that whole terrible martyr thing, and the grasshopper one, which is more intentional.
  14. Snail


    Interesting. I like the mystery of trying to figure out what they mean.
  15. Snail


    That's beautiful!
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