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  • I mean you can do whatever you want. Liberty lets you choose however you wanna make it. Lol
    Yeah, you could generate a premeditated psychic causality that ties the libido to seeing sexual success at the completion of a target goal that allows you to enhance your romantic memories in line with completing the objectives associated with that target that you've sexualized.
    Yes, but if you know how to target other complex connections in your mind that might be quirks or things like pride, lust, hunger, or any other drive that is tied to your instincts to survive and thrive then you can motivate yourself in many different fashions to generate different types of energies to fuel your actions into a more directed and focused attempt at creating success.
    The truth was always there, I am only referring to the bible now because I understand at least a small section of where its fundamental guidelines stem from. That being said, to grow in curiosity, you must assume you are weak and vulnerable to others in comparison. Know this, and your biological fear of weakness will activate your genes to make sure adaptation happens to make up for this hole in your security blanket. This phase is transcendent and one of the doorways to exponentially growing amounts of revelations necessary for full transition to absolutely transcendent thinking.

    I have not come to a point in my path yet to write a book, but that point yet might be down the path.
    "So to keep me from becoming conceited because of the surpassing greatness of the revelations, a thorn was given to me in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to harass me, to keep me from becoming conceited." 2 Corinthians 12:7

    Taking this, we can assume that the further you are away from conceitment, the deeper the thorn buries itself in your flesh--causing your instincts to automatically react. The more your instincts react, the more energy you will generate for change which will alter the form of the flow of energy going through your consciousness to adapt new ways of thinking in its desire to replace the feeling of complete satisfaction that conceitment brought you before putting your well-adjusted thorn into yourself. This method, to my personal experience, can only be done once separation from your mind and body are understood and trusted.
    Thank you, my better concepts are mostly in the form of writing. I have an entire suitcase full of them from over 6 years of private research. I'm hoping to connect my work with something along my career path eventually.
    Pretty close!
    It's how my brain matter looks after having a cow for two years. =P
    LOLZ Okay: truth be told that is not me. Sorry if you don't like being creeped out. My sense of humor is a little...off I guess. I've noticed that its more likely another INTP will get my humor but not always a guarantee. Hopefully you laughed more than got creeped out. The funniest thing to me is when I imagine that the guy in the photo was having his photo taken he no doubt had no idea his mug was going to end up the target of a meme thing.

    And yes, you do sound hot. Smart and hot.
    I generally regard myself as a near emotionless human, but the butterfly-dragon brought out some feelz.
    Also, yer art is good.
    Thank you kindly. You like rusty metals, too?

    Is that an elf? Love elves I do! Wish I might find one to marry!
    This one and the last are images are of (sometimes NSFW) dolls created by a lady named Marina Bychkova. They seem to ride the creepy/pretty line really well. Also, they almost all have amazing headgear!
    no longer human is a phenomenal piece but i should probably warn you that it might depress you.
    for a newcomer, natsume soseki and kobo abe are probably great places to start
    followed by osamu dazai and yukio mishima

    i recommend woman in the dunes, it is loaded with mind boggling contemplation of the trappings of modern life...theres also a great film adaptation of the book.

    and yeah i agree, i think there is enough evidence to suggest that plants have atleast limited awareness of their immdeiate environment. and yeah i also wonder about how their awareness could differ from ours and whether or not they experience time differently for example(animals too)
    i find biophilia fascinating, how people who are living in high rise buildings, sorrounded by concrete and glass would still try to cram in plants in their terraces or get pets...almost like they are trying to create an imitation of a natural environment
    Hello. Some of my fav japanese literature works are:
    Woman in the dunes, no longer human, kokoro and ugetsu Monogatari...
    regarding botany: I watched the secret life of plants as a kid and has been obsessed with plants ever since. The idea that plants are also sentient beings has always intrigued me...and yeah most of my art work include botanical motifs. I find plants inspiring when it comes to building up a vision for a new piece...i posted one of my works in the art gallery in case ure interested (http://www.intpforum.com/showthread.php?p=478329#post478329)
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