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  • You're welcome.

    I found the thread about Why intuitive functions are superior, quite interesting and thought-stimulating, which is why I ended up posting so much on it.
    how charming! an apparent fellow astrology enthusiast, and a scorpio nonetheless.

    i make a point of greeting anyone who visits my profile... so hello.
    I like the idea of the Singularity. But I've been hearing this promise being "just around the corner" for decades, and I'm starting to see a pattern. More of a hope to keep people investing in science & technology.

    Thanks for the note about TBerg. I hope that he understands.
    I read his book The Singularity is Near when i was 19. I just remember that he is Jewish and because of that thread I thought I'd ask because I like smart people but sometime they can overwhelm people with information. I visit his forum allot at kurzweilai.net

    i think you were much clearer in what you last said to TBerg and that will help him understand.
    I think that it's cool that he came up with lots of inventions to help blind people.

    Also, he smiles in his Wiki photo, and I like people who smile.

    I'm Jewish, and I try to keep what I can. I've seen both sides, and found that being more religious works much better for me.

    It's good to keep one's mind open. One never knows what one may find.
    Are you a secular Jew? Do you see value in religion? I need to learn more about what I am committed to but its not based on only one source.
    Recently I became aware I was misunderstanding the Bible for exactly those reasons. I have many Christian friends who have shown me how I was brought up wrong. I now know what my errors were and have turned around because smart people know better how to read things in there entirety rather than being reductionist. I now know the spirit not the letter. I feel like a real Christian now rather than a false one as I felt before. Could you tell me more of why most don't see and are mislead, I know it happens in most religions.

    heaven is for real

    I have a question about Christianity. I've seen you debate about it and I want to know: would it be relevant memorize the whole bible to understand it? At Bible camp I wasn't very good at this.
    you've introduced me to comte. there are too many people and too many people with uninteresting ideas. Who else besides Comte in history can you share with me?

    I don't seem to have a type either. My functions probably match up to an NTP best, though it's certainly not clear cut. I was just wondering, because you seem to exhibit traits similar to what I understand of Ni, but this has always been a fuzzy area for me.
    You label yourself as an INTP. Does anyone ever think you are INFJish? I'm not making accusations here (haha), I just get that vibe off you. I'm faaar from an expert.
    Haha I've not noticed very many Jews on the forum. I do think you're the first (that I've noticed).
    Your posts literally make my head hurt and I cringe everytime I see your name, does the fault lie with me?
    Your signature is bugging the crap out of me. You know that Spock is quoting Sherlock Holmes right? Or is that the point?
    I want to thank you for your posts on my thread. Your arguments seem to come with more force than most people's. You have my respect.

    On another note, you have passed my social litmus test, and you can be my friend. :D
    Hi, Can I ask for advice regarding leadership? I think I'm 22 years younger than you.
    Yes. I did put it as being from Sherlock for a while. But I decided to go back to Spock, not because Spock said it, but because Spock was on the printout, and my sister gave it to me, because it's who I am. I could put on it "by me". But that would seem way too arrogant. So I leave it as coming from Spock. But I know why it's really there, and that is enough for me.
    Say, you know that Spock quote in your sig is actually originally from a Sherlock Holmes story? You may already know this...
    Neither. Several years ago, my sister gave a printout of the quote from Spock to me as a birthday present. She thought I'd love it, because I was always into Sci-Fi, and because it summed up how other people found I behaved, because as long as I can remember, people would tell me that I was being overly logical. So it's more of a way of saying: "this is who I am."
    Just wondering, is your signature out of being a fan of Spock or is it because you haven't read Sherlock Holmes ?
    The FL panther population is dwindling; I haven't heard anything about them going into towns though. I have yet to see one *is on the lookout*
    Florida is nice weather, though, from what I understand.

    Plus, now you've got panthers being re-introduced into the wildlife. I've seen that they even go into towns. It's cool. Like living in a jungle.
    scorpio, because I'm a scorpio, and it pretty much describes me to a T.

    mover, because I'm always moving around, from place to place, or topic to topic. Pretty restless really, whether mentally of physically. Apparently, I even move around a lot when I'm asleep.

    So scorpio + mover = scorpiomover.
    my bad. I should have said a little more in my first message. I'm curious about why you chose that particular name.

    Florida's alright. Terrible education though.

    Thanks for replying btw! =)
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