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  • oh, my, eyeseecold made me explain it, so you may have a look at this, if the link leads to our conversation. you know, everyone disagrees with me, and i cant have a discussion with X people at once, so i'm difficult about it ...
    no my love, i'm as confident as i could ever be about thoughts (as a spiritual person, i doubt the whole machine) that im not mixing something up ... i know it's mind-bloggling from your perspective (the perspective that i called mbti delusion), but i hate discussing typology, so i leave you wondering :)
    Let it be that when one who has followed the ways of the Caterpillar expires his last breath on the second of the days of the Caterpillar following his passing but a single leaf shall be pressed to his tongue, that he may be relieved of the strain of his life's gluttony by which he came to know the Caterpillar, and let it be that on the next day he shall be wrapped in silks that his soul may be as the Caterpillar and hunger no more and take on wings and glorious form. Thus may the faithful be as the Caterpillar and follow Him even into the beyond to partake in His great flight on variegated wings.
    On the sixth day, thou shalt eat the cake that is laden with chocolate, thou shalt eat iced cream, thou shalt eat the pickled fruit of the cucumber vine, thou shalt eat the cheese that is made by the Swiss, thou shalt eat of the cured sausage of Italy, thou shalt suck the hard sweetened corn syrup mounted upon a stick, thou shalt eat the cake in the shape of a cup, and thou shalt eat but a single slice of the pumpkin of Sindh that is red within and green without.

    He who follows thus the ways of the Caterpillar shall surely now feel the strain of gluttony and be large of belly. On the seventh day, which is the second of His days, then, let him eat but one leaf, for the blessed Caterpillar has surely shown the faithful that the leaf shall remedy the strain of the sixth day. Do this and thou shalt have been as the Caterpillar.
    Hearken unto the ways of the Caterpillar that ye may be as the Caterpillar.

    On the first day, thou shalt eat of the apple tree, but thou shalt eat only the red fruit, and only one.
    On the second day, thou shalt eat the pear tree, but thou shalt eat only the green fruit, and only two.
    On the third day, thou shalt eat of the plum tree, but thou shalt eat only the purple fruit, and only three.
    On the fourth day, thou shalt eat of the strawberry bush, but thou shalt eat only four of its fruit.
    On the fifth day, thou shalt eat of the orange tree, but thou shalt eat only five of its fruit.

    He who follows thus the way of the Caterpillar shall surely follow even unto the sixth day, which is the first of His days.
    Well, to tell you the truth, I do actually like you, but I'd be lying if I said that the fact that telling you so will make you squirmy squirm didn't make giggle just a little bit.
    OK, so I giggled like a schoolgirl. So what?
    I wouldn't call the 'mean' that's probably just because I don't like the word mean.
    But yeah, they were asses, hehe.
    Cheers for the post-Porn-thread snuggle Melkor. I think I might need a cigarette now.
    Thank you for sharing your personal knowledge and experience in 'Porn'.

    Now go do it in a nice thread. XD
    Oh lookit a meassage thingamy!

    Thanks Chimera *all coy*

    And Darude, I'll have to get back to you on that one - I'm still reading the link you posted and getting my head around the lingo :)
    Hmmm. Says you've been here since March, but since I've only noticed you posting recently, I'll pretend that you just now joined and say:
    I can tell you're going to be a perfect addition to our collection of oddballs here, and I'm glad you're not just lurking because your input makes me smile. Frequently. (It's kind of scary.)
    So welcome, and please do stick around. ^^
    Hello there! Any more theories about conflicts between extraverted functions? (especially interested in Se vs. Te) Thanks! :)
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