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  • For you to think I am not INTJ I would believe you have a sense of other people by their functions. What functions would you detect me displaying to conclude you recognize in me? TMB going by Jung said he detected Ni with all my threads.

    Also, I would like to tell you that I will be receiving a neurological evaluation soon. The labels used for mental illness do not work as well as real research on the brain. When you say that one of your kids has Aspergers like me I am curious because no one normally says I have Aspergers. I even talked to the person in charge of the company of all the social workers and they said I seemed fine. All my YouTube videos are crap because that is not how I am in person. I think that what I really have is a learning disability because of my IQ results. A presentation I saw said that gifted students hide their disabilities by overcompensating with their strengths. (I have been doing meditation for this past month)
    I totally get the 'all rounder' thing. As you probably know, I'm also partial to creative writing and many forms of art.
    -So long as it stimulates us intellectually, it's all good ;)
    -Right now (literally I have docs open), I'm helping my INTJ brother with a work-related graphical problem. I don't code myself (I can see how and why code works though), but he still finds my ideas, insights and drawings useful to him (and I'm interested anyway xD).

    -Anyway, I hope you enjoy the book.
    Same, I only studied maths and physics for A level, some years ago now (in the UK too) and didn't take it further academically (I took architecture instead), but the maths is pretty straightforward, especially if you're good at visualizing esoteric scenarios and vector dynamics. I enjoy mulling over abstruse concepts too. In fact, true to type, it's probably my favourite pass-time ;)
    Hello Rixus,
    I was wondering.
    What are your kids like?
    In Britain how is the schooling system structured?
    What do you do you do at your job?
    Did you meet up with Sinny?
    Well...should fit right in then. This place seems to have become a bit of a ghost town it seems.
    Oh, there was nothing remarkable there.. It looked like an English market town, but full of Welsh people.
    The only place I've been to in the South of Wales is.. Talbolt.

    .. at least.. I think that is what's called... Port Talbolt, maybe? I'm not cheating and using Google.

    And sure, show us ya mug shot ;)
    Ha, Sinead = Grace of God, Sin = Fall from the grace of God... I've never thought of the two at once before ..

    Nice to meet you too .
    80% of people call me Sinny. The other 20% use my name, Sinead.

    I don't know a lot about the Welsh :p

    Sinny... because, Sin, and being short and pronounced differently I suppose , haha.
    Lol, that's typical.. "None of the above"

    Or "none of the below" by this formatting :p
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