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  1. RedN

    Challenge: name an absolute moral (a moral that is true for every human culture)

    its not really a moral but treason is equally bad in any country.
  2. RedN

    Life is so fucking short

    I once had a midlife crisis... it ended up in a divorce :storks:
  3. RedN

    Male or female?

    fanatics, how interesting they are. theyre fed with specialized lines to serve as their mantra not knowing about the whole deal. you know the bible, says a lot of shit that if we apply in the modern age, we're gonna have to kill billions of people. its funny that theres so many twisted and...
  4. RedN

    Male or female?

    war. i think its strong on warped values hahahaha. most likely youre just a troll, but thing is... i like dealing with trolls theyre kinda entertaining really. ehm in nature??? hohoho hahaah and so just because they can in nature theyre fit for it? and wow the exception of course with the...
  5. RedN

    Male or female?

    war, you saying that... wow, its just funny how some people can be so... i dont know what word to use hmmmm its no different from a heterosexual couple who also adopts. and what, you think all of those normal baby makers make babies for some sacred reason and not to just fit in as well and...
  6. RedN


    Yay thanks :elephant: I'll give it a try
  7. RedN

    What would you do?

    please share when you find inca gold ok...
  8. RedN

    Staying Up Late

    im more of a night person really. i hate the sun for one... and its romantic at night. if im gonna have fun id do it at night time. so yeah sometimes i stay up late too.
  9. RedN

    What would you do?

    you said youre in california, eh lets go around and party? and drag the others here too? get drunk, fucked up and do crazy things? you can go to south america too, like the amazon maybe or peru... get a pic taken of a piranha biting your hand!!!
  10. RedN

    Closed Minded Family Members

    As people say, humans fear what they do not understand. The more ignorant a person is to a subject, the higher the possibility that you will get a negative response. You cannot really just get upset right? Coz like here, there are some things that you individuals would outright reject right...
  11. RedN

    Smoking Cigs vs. Ramen Noodles -- which one kills you faster?

    no matter what we eat nowadays can kill us... almost... id say smokes still. ramen you can compensate with more water.
  12. RedN

    How many of you use conditioner?

    ,...... everyone should use conditioner....... use it every other day, guy or girl long hair or short i actally just go with the same frequency as jenny up there
  13. RedN

    Male or female?

    Its really hard to find men who are cool with such huh?
  14. RedN

    Male or female?

    I saw this on a post in facebook titled as: Not sure if male or female? I just wanted to ask... does it really matter? I mean for you, lets say this is a man, or used to be a man, does it matter to you? In what sense will it? Would you still go for her if she was.... you know
  15. RedN

    Changing Relationship Status On Facebook Everyday

    im ok with facebook. i can spy on other people! :elephant: and i get free games too.
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