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  • I aim to please.

    [/quote]Taint Of Volition ‏@TaintOfVolition Jun 26
    The avatar game:
    - Change your avatar to something nasty
    - You cant change it until 3 people have complained.
    Nobody wins the avatar game.[/quote]
    this is my real avatar tho, I only had the other one to see if it would get people to stop calling me a feeler in debates (it did) :P

    if I could pick my own sex I'd pick girl anyday anyway
    A system containing all of existence must necessarily be closed, for what else could possibly be within a supersystem of that, if it already contains everything that exists?
    As far as I can tell the ensemble interpretation is very simple: it merely views every system not as an individual entity, but as something which both influences and is influenced by every other system which exists. Or perhaps it is more accurate that the notion of a truly 'closed' system, apart from a system containing all of existence, is null.

    It's quite fascinating how, years later, I find my mind quite divorced from any physical and empirical musings, and yet, some of my more recent thoughts on energy exchange and separation amongst particles in the Cosmos still attest to the ensemble interpretation.
    Sorry for being a bit aggressive in your thread, even if I disagree with you I should cool it a bit seeing as you're being reasonable after all :P
    Yo, I ought to answer you but I kinda need to go through the material first, I'll try and get back to it!
    own8ge is an INFJ who thinks that he has some philosophical knowledge. Disagreeing with him is, in his view, tantamount to declaring oneself insane.

    Then you have yet to read own8ge on philosophy. Also, how is stubbornness have related to Chad, own8ge, and s0cratus being loonies?

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