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  • Oh it was nothing - just a cold that turned into a small lung infection, in the most painful part of the lung that even I didn't know existed. I just went to the hospital for the sympathy and free drugs :D

    Being a pharmacist doesn't make you credible btw. Being a renegade, on the other hand, tends to get people's attention.

    Why don't people in this place PM, btw? Weirdweirdweird lol
    Well thanks :) I neglected myself for a while end ended up in hospital, so now I am on a forced "stay at home, watch DVD's, and argue with crazy people on the internet" regime. It isn't energy...I'm boooooooored lol
    That awkward moment when you realise that your INTP merch thread is essentially an extension of someone else's INTP code thread...
    The swordfish thing was just one of those bands that sounds great in the studio but profoundly terrible live lol.

    All my advice comes from third parties, so I just sent a PM to hook you up to the source. Dude's a total badass (and has that fascist streak. The mushrooms have been cultivating him, really).

    I do the same. It helps to have the ecology knowledge but anyone can learn it, really. I'm a fan of site-specific permaculture myself. Just look at what you've got and build it from the ground up.
    Hahaha I still regret that whole white supremacy thing! My dear darling sister is yet to forgive me!

    Naw not stalky, it's actually nice to know people read what I post from time to time. I wish I noticed things. I'll need to go find myself a copy of that book ;)
    Though if that's the impression you've got, I'm surprised, since that is often not the impression I intend on giving. Maybe my posting has mellowed some of late?
    That is actually fairly accurate, though I don't consider any one ideology to be the solution others are missing.

    But shshshsh keep quiet about it, lest people round these parts start thinking I'm an F and I have to start taking names to re-establish my repuTation.
    Haha it was less a play than a conscious effort to bring some good will about the forum. I've butted heads with so many people here, including George, but that thread sort of opened my eyes to the discrepancy between how much I appreciate the people here, and how much I show it.

    Didn't your recently liken me to a socialist? :evil:


    A [stealthed] [omission] of [new age word amalgamate for a smiling inquiry]?

    Half life 3 confirmed?

    Sorry I don't take your meaning. :confused:
    Well, I get enough solitude at night and/or in the basement.

    And you may well be the first to search erowid for shaggy manes lol. It's more of an opportunistic thing instead of an ongoing search thing. If an opportunist knows enough they can walk through any area and come out with something.

    You should try out the kit. Sterilizing is easier on a larger scale, and you can divide, clone, and spawn as needed.
    I know... My main limitation right now is space, due to that whole not living on my own thing because my ego refuses to allow me to pay rent thing.

    I have started some outdoor mushroom cultures in the woods though. Shaggy manes are *just* starting to pop up. And in the past I've been able to grow damn near anything. I just get bored 3 weeks in and do something else instead. :o
    Sarcastic? Not even a little...


    But seriously, no. My demeanor is largely contrived, and intimidation is a crude tool.
    I hate getting older. It's not a fear thing, just annoying. Everyone always wants to take me out and do stuff to apparently express their appreciation for whatever perverted ideal they think I am and I have too much difficulty telling them to go fuck themselves because I'd rather sit in silence. :p

    I'm just a ton of love, aren't I? :)
    Hi! Nice to meet you! *waves* And I too am insane by my own definition haha, yes I can see what you mean, I would rather have the choice. And he did live most of his life out.
    I love that quote, but do you think the fact that he commited suicide is a telltale sign he was "wrong" about his lifestyle choice? Obviously it depends on wether you consider suicide wrong and...Oh I give up. Good quote though.
    They are the restless wandering phantoms of Alfred Packer, Richard Nixon, William Zanzinger, and Ezra Pound; together constituting an ever present vile aura, lingering like a black cloud not visible yet strangely always positioned so as for the rain to - when it falls - fall on you. You can sometimes make out a hint of their sarcastic laughter; feel their accusatory gazes from their burrowed hollow sockets burn your neck, arching your back like a twisted bin under the heaviest of weights: namely shame. Yet they remain hidden as if though by some thin fragile membrane of the ether; the fourth wall never breaking, but perpetually crumbling.

    But that's okay because I can see from your avatar that you'd scare the shit out of them if they dared face you.
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