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  • IIII) More talk about birds (Kakapo):
    Whoops, I did it again. I'm going to put the ecologist to rest now :o
    III) It is great that you can use the prey they catch as food for the other cats. At least they are not wasted.
    II) Regarding late reply, don't worry. I think the common denominator for people on this site may be something like that (being dropped on the head, I mean). I prefer that people are relaxed about replying as opposed to feeling obliged.

    Which also takes the pressure off me :D

    I) Okay, I'll attempt not to cover your profile with my crap completely this time...:o

    VI) Ah, the short intestine -- of course! I'm going to try your diet suggestions on her -- just in small increments to see how she reacts. She already accepts really fresh raw fish and raw chicken breast, so it shouldn't be that hard.

    What about organs -- I know you should be very careful with things like liver because of the vitamin A concentration and the possible toxic effects. She is a very small cat, so I guess one should also be very careful with body weight ratios...?

    I'll stop now....:phear: Perhaps I should PM you next time....:ahh:
    V) And the bones thing -- I had no idea. My partner is concerned about the bones, even in fish. Our cat back home who lived to 18 ate raw, whole fish, bones and all whenever we managed to catch some for him. It makes sense that cooking would contribute to dehydrating and making the bones more brittle.

    Also, when you consider the fact that mass-produced chicken is pumped full of hormones so that they grow abnormally fast and not in accordance with the time needed for the skeleton to get to the density necessary for supporting their bodies -- and as a result you get grown-up chickens with osteoporosis; chickens that are so overweight that they cannot hold their own weight -- hence the bruise marks on the wing and leg joints where the supermarkets conveniently cut off all evidence -- I would not feed my cat anything but certified free-range and organic chicken for this reason.
    IV) And yeah, I have thought about precisely the same thing about what cats actually hunt in the wild -- small mammals, insects, grubs, etc.

    It is quite difficult to mimic that diet unless you have a mouse-infestation....and around here, the rats are bigger than our cat (she's only 3 Kg - the litter runt). Also, cats are a big problem for the native wildlife populations here in Australia, so we try to keep her satisfied by providing her with enough food. She will still hunt the occasional mouse, but I'll just have to live with that. She's an animal, and she needs to practice/show off her offerings to her owners.

    Which is partially why I want to make the change; if she can have a diet that closely resembles her natural diet, it would be preferable as it may deter her from hunting more for whatever she is lacking in her current diet (if that is what is happening) -- and she will be a healthier cat.
    III) The carbohydrate thing as well as loss of nutritional value in processing is what worries me, as well as the preservatives, colourings and the questionable hygiene practices in preparation of products. I mean, who's going to go to the very expensive and additionally traumatic extent of getting a post-mortem on their cat and then to prove the cause of it's demise to be correlated with the food -- something that would be happening over a longer period of time, and thus harder to link directly to the cause of death? I also wonder how many owners would be intuitive enough to make that connection.
    II) Uhm..yeah. I guess I could PM, but I have an aversion to what seems to be something like commitment-like nature of PMs...the list of people to whom I own PMs is growing....:phear:

    However, back to topic: THANK YOU, that was quite reassuring. Since you have had so much experience with cats over several years I prefer to trust your opinion. I read tons of stuff on the interblargh, and the only thing I seem to detect is an overwhelming presence of countless stories of sick and dying cats seemingly correlated with commercial brand cat food consumption.

    I know, the 1000 word limit is annoying...
    I) Perhaps, as a cat owner you would know more about this people-aversion to people-who-own-cats thing. I lived in Norway where cats are extremely common as pets, so never experienced that sort of attitude -- weird. Although, people who dislike cats seem to REALLY dislike cats -- whereas people who dislike dogs are more 'meh' about it.

    I love all animals -- so I don't understand any of these attitudes -- it has everything to do with people's neglectful understanding of animal behaviour and psychology and how they consequently should be treated.

    As if the cause of the dislike would be the animal's fault...and then, to project that onto the owner...:confused:
    III) She can be fairly adventurous about stuff that we eat -- which of course, I won't allow as I don't know how she would react. She has accidentally eaten stuff like cheese or bits of bread that has fallen on the floor (hoovercat). I tried to give her fresh whiting and she loved it raw -- then I bought some whiting from a different shop that smelled a little too much like fish, and she turned her nose up. So she obviously knows instinctively to eat stuff that is freshly caught on the day.

    Whoa -- I think I just SPAMMED your profile :o
    II) Is raw food a good idea? I have tried to read various resources on the net but they are either unreliable or corrupted by pet food companies who of course will tell you that you should buy their stuff because it covers all the nutrients cats need.
    I) Whoa -- that is a lot of experience O.O

    Yeah, what is it about the cats and women combo that get people so excited....:phear:
    I did have a cat -- he got to 18 years of age. He was part of the family. I haven't had an animal since, but now many years later I suddenly I find myself with this creature (who just meowed loudly and jumped up on my lap - she wants to hog the laptop cuz it's warm...) that I would like to look after properly.

    She is 7 years. She is well looked after, but she is on a typical diet of Whiskas wet food and some dry supplements. She is fairly picky, but I suspect that she just likes variation, and she likes fresh food. As soon as the food in her bowl has sat for a while she gets funny about it, so I give her fresh as much as I can.
    Apparently, you are the ultimate cat-lady. I'm sorta building up to it. I got a free starter-kit(ten...bwahahahha....uhm) in the form of someone else's furry feline.

    I would like to convert her to a home-made diet -- would you have some tips handy?

    K I'm locking in, there can be no doubt. Bot is bot.

    What are you thinking for it's motive? I'm thinking it's a testbot for advertising in forums from under the radar. It's programmed to analyse the topic and link something related from a predefined list of sites in order to generate hits, and perhaps to scan for easy 'person-proofing' opportunities in order to generate member status. Essentially, a practical purpose for a technology that cannot hope to pass as human consistently yet. (Again, I'm naive, the speculation is fun though) :P
    Oooooh I just realised what you were talking about. Yeah it happens. Though I'm forgiving, the most immediate response did have me in tears of laughter (deliberately ambiguous to cause doubt as to my humanity, but also because walls are public)
    I heard there are bots that are able to pass the turing test now, though only just. Do you speak of the bot a month or so ago? That was instagibed by mods. I don't suspect anyone I've communicated with recently of being a bot, but then again, I'm a trusting type 8-)
    'i would have loved to join in with this debate but i really need both hands to finish this wank.'

    Ah, that was a good laugh
    Very well, I shall tell you.
    I aim to use the plutonium......in my master plan.
    Now then, off you go.
    First, I need plutonium.
    Get me plutonium and all shall be revealed!
    Change is good...
    Conform, PNB, conform!!!!
    Join us....please?

    PS: I have a master plan that no one knows about. Join me, and together
    we can create chaos. Or cake.
    Chaos cake.
    I am unable to participate in threads with you staring at me like that.
    What a dilemma.
    Oh but we're going to have SOOO much fun together PNB. I want you to haunt me, because then we'll always be together.

    I'll clip your nails inappropriately!

    If I'm feeling particularly cruel, I might even pat you on the head condescendingly when I'm finished :)
    I'll take a look when I get the chance. If it turns out bad I'll crash your funeral (:
    Since i don't want to disrupt the flow there... I appreciated your last post in Wrestler Girl's thread, I think it showed a lot of grace.
    I can't decide if that's better or worse. It feels like I'm comparing two holocausts against each other. Life is so difficult - I need to figure out how to get paid to just cuddle my cat all day.
    It really is awful. I can't take it when strangers are in the house. It's the only time I legitimately consider suicide, because death is easier than forced interaction.
    I only wish I could have found that traumatizing experience as funny as you apparently did. I could have died you know? Like real death, Tupac style.
    Oh yes this song. I remember hearing it a while ago, and I loved the mockery. I can just imagine how many people would think it was some tribute to America's greatness :phear:

    And it's okay, you don't have to pretend I'm funny ='(
    It took me this long to find the post you were talking about o_0

    That damn meddling Latte :storks:
    I dunno, so hard to tell these days. Back in my day trolls would reveal themselves after a couple of days.
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