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Perfectly Normal Beast

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  • hello, fucker

    remember the vow where we write on each other walls when we're drunk

    it's a blood vow, babe

    wait, how do you spell wove
    Story of my life XD
    At least the deviancy does exist, so one is not forced to constantly mingle with the borings.
    That is, off course, until the internet is destroyed by religious nuts or the forum suddenly dies....
    Shall need lotsa drugs if that day dawns.
    Picky bastards, acting like its wrong for babies to lose their virginity.

    These urges worry me, as they destroy my meticulously created world of solitude amongst the plebeian society.

    At least most humans here are deviant in interesting ways.
    Greetings, oh beast of normality.
    For some unknown reason I am attempting to socialize.
    How's it going with your sacrifices to ancient and forgotten gods?
    A winter can last a week or it can last 5 months here. Tho winter is ace overall, 0 bugs and the brain gets enough cooling.
    It had a face but it fell off.
    It used to have a black pot on its head, a face adorned with pieces of coal and a carrot for a nose as the tradition dictates here.

    Though I was two weeks late to realise I could take a picture ;).
    I'm just here to tell you that you didnt gift me booze in the virtual gift thread. Does this mean Im currenty planning on your death by vanilla? who knows
    WOW I googled it and it's not even real?! i dont feel like lyricrime, it's sort of not my thing anymore
    yeah, you should get that checked out. Maybe you have iron blocking your uterus. You will know if you don't have anemia. Any healthy wooman have anemia
    If one manages to find people similar to oneself, then MMOs or co-op games can be very fun. Kinda like the forum chatbox at its best, only with doing stuff and maybe killing some of the other ppl :)

    People suck so hard because they are dumb and don't know how to not suck.

    now where's my bottles
    just because you don't do it, doesn't mean you wouldn't be good at it if you tried D:

    also you have a 10/10 good understanding of me

    I have played this MMO way too much recently. I'm unemplyed, so it brings some meaning to my life


    but i have found an online game to play!

    you kinda seems like the kind of person who would enjoy games and troll people online
    im sorry oneesama, obviously my brain never ever worked properly after that electric fence incident all those years ago :,(

    or maybe the brain just eventually shuts down without the alcoholic fuel. tat would explain why ppl r so dum
    god works in mysterious ways. he created my genes to not want to be alcoholic. he also made a particular attraction to kitty pictures on the internet

    Some people say alcoholism is bad for driving. And like, keeping a job. There seems to be this norm that you shouldn't drink at work. Sometimes it seems like its like a rule??+??

    life confuses meee
    Hi there. I study philosophy and so my plan is to be an alcoholic. I heard this page was INTPf A.A? Hugz4u.

    Well, I'm trying that new hip thing all the youngsters are talking about. It's called not becoming an alcoholic. I heard its' real rad D:
    i think we should make a tradition.

    whenever we are drunk, we write the other a reply to ones PM

    i dont even kno if thats GRAMMATICALLY yo
    huhuhu but i dont know what s caution and besides,

    Our love is like water
    Pinned down and abused for being strange
    Our love is no other than me alone, for me all day
    Our love is like water, pinned down and abused, hey

    All over you, all over me
    The sun, the fields, the sky
    I've often tried to hold
    The sea, the sun, the fields, the tide

    Pay me now, lay me down
    Oh, yeah
    approaches pnb.

    surveys pictorial scenery.



    another night another dream.
    but always you.

    in the night i dream of a love so true.

    aaah. aaaah.

    in the night in my dreams im in love with you
    cuz you talk to me lke lovers do
    You feel joy, you feel pain, 'Cause nothing will be the same.
    Just another night, is all that it takes,
    To understand, the difference between lovers and fakes,
    So baby, I talk talk, I talk to you,
    In the night in your dream, of love so true.
    I talk talk, I talk to you,

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