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  • Hey, my love for nature is from a couple things-- I am religious, so I see it as God's beauty and I appreciate it as such. Also, nature is free and wild. It's not contrived or man-made or made by our limited human imaginations. It is gentle and warm and harsh and severe all at once without contradicting itself and its laws. Nature is a perfect model of the laws of physics, biology, ecology, chemistry, astronomy, etc. all wrapped up together in one huge model. It's incredible to me and I love watching it function and all of the different cogs turn. It excites me and reminds me why I have such a passion to learn more about it. Yet through all of the complexities and intertwining processes, it is still remarkably simple. And that simplicity is so beautiful and peaceful to me-- it's almost like it counterbalances the excitement and I'm just left with a sort of peace and genuine contentment.
    Gosh, that was a long explanation lol! I'm sorry, I seem to be a bit longwinded today.
    Hello, new person! I see you have some artistic interests. Somewhere, there's a thread where people post their art. I am encouraging you to post in that thread.

    Welcome and stuff, too, I guess.
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