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    bryson, i did something similar to that, but it was the first deposit freeroll, 100k pool prize. However, i won much less. lol I only play nl holdem. I never tried the others types, but im thinking to do it. ;)
  2. pacf16


    I know what you mean. After some time playing, i start to get really bored, thats why I keep myself away from big tournaments, i just cant play them. And when im playing, i also need something to do. Lately, i do math and chemistry exercises, because i have to study. --' But in the normal days...
  3. pacf16

    Do you use Facebook?

    I have a fb account and its kind cool. I mean, ofc that there some people in your friends list that just abuse, and post so many stuff that it starts to get annoying, like, posting a music video every 40 min, "now im feeling like this, now im feeling like that". Wall spam its not cool. But, i...
  4. pacf16


    Well, I know that i cant play 6-8 hours a day. I just cant. I've been playing 2$ 45 man sit & go's and everytime i had the money to move up, some crazy downswing just happened, and thats why i made the cashouts. I spent hours trying to understand what i did wrong, and that really affected me as...
  5. pacf16


    Hello everybody! This is my first post here, but i hope to make many more. ;) So, what i want to know is: Do you play poker regularly? Do you prefer to play on line or live poker? In which room do you play ? (online) How much did you won? (or lost :b) Why do you play poker? And...
  6. pacf16

    Spot the Fake Smile

    17/20. ;)
  7. pacf16

    The Personality Defect Test

    You are the Sociopath! 1. You are more RATIONAL than intuitive. 2. You are more INTROVERTED than extroverted. 3. You are more BRUTAL than gentle. 4. You are more ARROGANT than humble. allright, im a sociopath! ...
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