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  • Thanks bud. I hope I didn't get it wrong... I want to get your back when these people team up on you but you do a fine job of handling it on your own. The new approach is working. I believe.
    But what is the deal with it then? :P

    Also yeah I know the functions are pretty much "equal" (good at different things) but could it be that you personally value things that the INFP's are good at then? What would those be? :O

    Now I am curious

    Also I hope Im replying correctly now
    Are you jealous of the INFP's genuine feeling component that the INFJ's lack or something? The way they know what is right based on their own inner morals compared to the INFJ's shallower and much more flexible, yet nonetheless more projecting Fe?

    I wouldnt be, everyone knows Ni pwns Fi any day! :rolleyes:
    The message was written because I'm tired, but I know I cannot sleep. Long story, I want to sleep, i'm tired, but i'm suffering from insomnia. I simply wasn't in the mood to write a proper non-offtopic reply in the thread, so I just voiced my thought straight back to you. :p

    I know you don't think homeless people are stupid. I do think everyone is stupid, including myself. Edit : stupid ofcourse being relative, what I mean is we're arrogant. We think we know a lot, but I think that we're missing the point the whole way along. There's no offence nor anger in my reply, only tired lazy me. Sometimes i'm in the mood to post, sometimes not so much. o:
    Homeless people are stupid.

    >Everyone is stupid, ergo so are homeless people.
    Cba with the thread, goin' to bed. Either way, stupidity is ubiquitous, part of the human condition.
    Words are meaningless. Words are void.

    However, well done! ;)

    I'll leave you be now <:
    You know, I don't actually know my type. I took a test years back and got INTP but obviously, this doesn't mean I necessarily am.

    I came on here and notice a couple of like minds talking about things of interest and so I kinda left it at that. I don't seem to go into as much depth as others do on here so I could be different after all.

    At some point I probably will explore the MBTI in more detail and try to assess what I could be.

    Until then, I am type MAGE I guess ^^
    No. He might provoke you, but you don't owe him anything. The choice to react was yours, and while he certainly made you choose it, you could've stopped yourself.

    I know it's unlikely, but believe me when I say it's better to not get provoked and ignore people, than to bite when they're fishing. Besides, it's a skill much easier learnt on the internet than irl, but you'll need it regardless.
    Oh, I would never ask anyone to consider my intelligence. ^^

    I like your response as it reminds me of an old Einstein quote:

    “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
    I don't really care for intelligence.

    I find it is a term thrown around willy-nilly and to me, it has kind of lost its meaning. "Bright and intelligent" seemed to be the favourite phrase for a lot of my academic tutors. However, it was nearly always followed by "but doesn't appear to have the motivation or focus to reach his potential".

    What do I think of my own intelligence? I don't think I'm anything special. Hell.. my IQ is probably average (not that I'm a fan of IQ), but it doesn't bother me as I am content with who I am.

    How about yourself?
    I was going to comment, but I thought there'd be no reason to. I do not want to get involved, whatsoever, in your disputes with whoever. I do want to share my opinion, in the hopes one of you will learn from them. (Because honestly, the arguing clouds my and your own thinking. :p)

    In this thread you posted, without sticking to the topic at all, a relatively personal attack on Chad. Now I get that he might annoy you, and that you might disagree. I just wonder how it's rational to post what you did THERE. It's not relevant, he's not suddenly going to listen and your point -do not comment on my threads- is rather meaningless considering you're offtopic arguing in one of his.

    This isn't personal, I don't dislike you. I do think that posting there wasn't rational nor smart. I tend to keep these ideas to myself, but perhaps if you see my point... Eh.

    Sorry :p
    Heya, here's returning the favour by cluttering your wall!

    Also I think Chad thinks, he's just a really slow processor and thus isn't really able to get far from his starting point during the lifespan of a thread :P
    My POV in this case is that nobody is out of line. You did react rather strongly I think cleverness would have been more appropriate, but Chad is dense. That's just it. Dense dense dense. Doesn't learn. Doesn't think about what he reads. I also reply with vigor to that sort of density. That is all for now.
    You could always try PMing a mod and getting your name changed. That's what I did. I registered to this forum under the nick xxpbdudexx.
    Your collection of grin-smileys is putting me off. >.<

    *hands over some vodka*
    Here's to the commemoration of whatever we are about to agree on.
    Haha, I fear your transformation to INFP might create man-crushes as a side effect. ^^

    A well developed anyone could say anything.

    Nihilism is the natural state of any sufficiently well developed type.
    Thought NTs get there faster and I've been there for years.

    You however are objectively annoying.
    I'm an amoral existential nihilist, that could never be an INFJ.
    FJs are hypocritical morons.

    You're calling me a moron, so no.
    Rebuilding faith in society is a subtle way of saying "convincing people they want me to rule them, so once I have their money, their infrastructure and their personal details they no longer have a choice in the matter".
    Hey friend-o.

    It's going to take me some time to get back to you - I just need time to sort through the information bombardment and that also requires privacy IRL because if people talk to me I quickly get lost in the text - because it really must be interpreted word for word.
    Haha, why do you remind me so much of Venture (ex-forum member)?

    Either way - you get the big thumbs up :D

    No! You don't have to leave me alone. It's the internet. We already discussed that it would take you a while to make a final decision and I knew it would be a strange one. I predicted you would mull over this and change your mind it is fun to watch it play out.
    I think that, depending on your society -especially in the past-, certain types survive easier than others.

    I'm sure you can imagine that NTP types which lean towards critical thinking wouldn't do great surviving in an dictatorship where critical thought is often rewarded with work camps / death. Assuming that all types were equal in amount at birth, you'd still get demographic variations depending on place, time and society.

    Which I think is something someone in the thread tried to point out.
    I see no reason for each type to be equally prevailent, ergo I see no reason for each type to be equally common.

    Ofcourse, it goes the other way aswell. A society full of ESFJs will set the norm to be like them -an ESFJ-, which can reflect itself in celebrities, political figures (iff democracy), ...
    That's what I'm trying to state. I agree with the point you were making, the dichotomies and where we 'draw the line' is arbitrairy. If the entire world was all INTPs, we could simply redefine our types and we'd get a few people in each type again, and this would be meaningful!

    The problem lies with the implication of 16 -> 1 of each. I think some types are more common than others, which can even reflect itself in societies. If you honestly believe every type is equally common, then while I disagree with you, I can't be assed with getting adequate data.
    Good. Keep thinking.

    Ps. I'm not convinced truth is singular, and perhaps truth is inexistant outside of a frame of reference; which implies universal objectivity is inexistant aswell.

    Edit : **universal** objectivity.
    You don't come across as rude / offensive / anything. I'm sorry if i had you feel this way. I simply believe you absolutely don't understand what i'm trying to say, or I simply have absolutely no clue what you mean.

    Don't worry, keep discussing. However, i'll let the thread rest for a while if this last post has not made my point clear to give others a chance to react. I'll certainly keep reading and lurking, if you want we could even continue like this.
    Yes now I am confused. I can't agree with you from any angle. You saw ten minutes of video 4 weeks ago.
    Thank you for your interest in me, but I am certainly not an ENFJ. What makes you say that I am, if you don't mind me asking?
    Lol, trust me, I am not an ENFJ. ;D
    If not an INTP, I may be an INTJ or INFP. Those are the only two other types that sortof fit me. I have always tested INTP, though. :)
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