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  • Okay, so I installed ArchLinux, I installed gnome and now have my wifi working. So all is well.... but... does it have to be so noisy? every now and then the fan would turn on... making quite a bit noise. It's installed on my laptom... compaq nx6125.
    I installed open source drivers for ati, but compiz effects do not work.... need I look over my xorg.conf to manually edit some stuff of change some things inrc.conf to fix that problem?

    Otherwise , it sure looks like it's a lot faster.
    Hehe, well, see it this way: If you someday actually do post another post it will be a great surprise for that person ;) (which btw made that new suggestion on your poll-thingy, about the book ;) )
    Oh god :( I should have lined up a few posts for the blog before I told anyone about it... I will get to it, I swear! I've been carrying around that book I was asked to analyze ever since, but I need to figure out a way to make it not seem like homework.
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