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Recent content by ObliviousGenius

  1. ObliviousGenius

    Eye contact

    I've never really had a huge problem with looking people in the eye. In fact, I tend to stare at people when talking to them, especially when I'm listening. I think it's just intense focus. I have to remind myself to look away and give the occasional head nod as to not look weird.
  2. ObliviousGenius

    The Impossible Game

    Yes, unfortunately the trial version is only about the first 30 seconds of a level that takes several minutes to finish. I'll see if I can find a better link.
  3. ObliviousGenius

    People thinking you're judging them.

    Good replies. No one has ever said to me they think I'm judging them. But then again, I try to be very responsive and practice active listening when interacting with other people. They'll never know what I'm thinking because I don't show it. I also tend to be very jovial and light-hearted...
  4. ObliviousGenius

    The Impossible Game

    That was fast. How many attempts did it take you? I'm not sure about the other levels since I play it on XBOX but it's the "The Impossible Game Level Pack". I actually think those are a bit easier because the timing for jumps flows better.
  5. ObliviousGenius

    Smoking weed alone

    It makes your mind even further open. Not just intuitively but sensing as well. There are some physical things that I literally would have NEVER noticed before while high such as dirt on the floor. I would describe my intuitive thoughts as "ever-branching". One connection leads to another...
  6. ObliviousGenius

    The Impossible Game

    http://impossiblegame.org/ Damn addicting. I've downloaded it and the other levels on Xbox Live and I've only beaten level 4 out of the 4 levels so far and gotten at least 80% of the way on each one. Once you learn how to play it's not THAT hard. The problem is the timing for certain jumps...
  7. ObliviousGenius

    Favorite Anime Show?

    I've seen several mainstream ones: 1. Death Note (not overrated thank you very much) 2. Dragon Ball Z (Nostalgia) 3. Naruto 4. Bleach 5. Samurai Champloo 6. Ouran High School Host Club 7. Yu Yu Hakusho 8. Inuyasha Side note: I can't really get into One Piece it's too wacky for me.
  8. ObliviousGenius

    Male sexuality: Double standards & social shame

    Wow interesting thread. I'm going to offer the perspective of a guy who loves women and is in no way asexual.:) The thing that annoys me is the fact that I have to make so many "work arounds". How do I approach this woman in a setting where she is more likely to be guarded (the grocery store)...
  9. ObliviousGenius

    Smoke weed to X

    Seeing as you have not tried it, I highly doubt you know how a high mind works. It's also pointless to judge it squarely on your peers' opinions. You have to first make it your decision, because it seems like you have more of a problem with them telling you to do it rather then the act itself...
  10. ObliviousGenius

    Do you have a problem with others informing you of something you already know?

    I for one sure don't like redundancy, however I'll usually "throw them a bone" (especially ESFJs) so to speak and give no indication that I know exactly what they're talking about. Or remain silent as to not seem like a know-it-all. What I don't particularly care for is when people fell the...
  11. ObliviousGenius

    stupid people

    I used to think like that, but then one day I realized that they were not stupid (in most cases) but I was just smarter. I don't expect too much out of most people. If they do seem to be somewhat intelligent then my behavior towards them doesn't really change much. I do find all kinds of...
  12. ObliviousGenius

    What are your most common social masks?

    Generally, I don't have to put on a "mask" because the way I act is mostly just learned behavior. I've always been a funny guy and I can hold my own in most situations. I don't like one on one conversations however because I feel like it's easier to feed off the information from the two or...
  13. ObliviousGenius

    Are you fat?

    Well it's been some time since I've had a chance to post on the forum. I'm in decent shape: 22 years old 5'7 135 lbs. I can bench 205 lbs once but my run times suck. @OP, of course you're gonna gain wait munching on MREs in the desert. I have not gotten deployed yet (and most likely won't...
  14. ObliviousGenius

    I like hard to get girls, why?

    Don't make the mistake of believing that extra effort to get laid=bad game/desperation. It's all about a subtle swagger and attitude. No one is going to get laid going around the club asking every pretty girl if she wants to go home. Besides, most of the time it doesn't go down until a few...
  15. ObliviousGenius

    I like hard to get girls, why?

    Lol at some of these responses. No, I don't think he's trolling because I'm the same way. If I see a pretty girl I will try to flirt with her literally every chance I get. I frequent clubs and the party scene for the sole purpose of getting girls. I get no enjoyment out of dancing and the...
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