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Recent content by Nymus Anon

  1. Nymus Anon

    2018 games you look forward to

    Soul Calibur VI AOE DE Also looking forward to Metroid Prime 4, but I don't see that happening this year.
  2. Nymus Anon

    What is your role in your zombie apocalypse survival group?

    My result was loner.
  3. Nymus Anon

    Favorite Programming Language

    Hmm. I have been considering python. Are there any good website tutorials anyone could point me towards for learning python?
  4. Nymus Anon

    What do you like most and least about your type?

    Most-I can be carefree by ignoring everything. Least-Inabilty to really get anything done.
  5. Nymus Anon

    Favorite Programming Language

    What is your favorite programming language to use, if you know any? Is there any language you would suggest learning and why. So far, I personally like c++. That's the language I started with.
  6. Nymus Anon

    I want learn to make computers.

    Thanks. I'm already learning computing, but I'd really like to have good knowledge of electronics as well, and it would be fun to make some neat devices of my own.
  7. Nymus Anon

    Do NT's have an advantage with Computers?

    I believe I'm an istp and everything about computers is the funnest thing ever. I made the mistake of taking the comp sci 1 class in my high school this year, but I'm gonna jump into the comp sci 2 class in the middle of the year, but by that time that class will probably not be good enough for me.
  8. Nymus Anon

    I want learn to make computers.

    Does anybody here know of any good websites I can learn about making basic computer hardware from scratch? What I've mostly found on google is about buying parts and assembling them which is useless, i would like to know about making the individual parts for fun and learning purposes and I...
  9. Nymus Anon

    Best windows web browser?

    Actually, it works just fine with the crappy 1.5 ghz processor i have in my laptop now. I don't actually have the money to get that processor.
  10. Nymus Anon

    What is your ideal death?

    I just want it to be unexpected and quick, i don't want to know about it.
  11. Nymus Anon

    Best windows web browser?

    I just use Microsoft edge it works just fine for anything and is actually nice. The only thing google is good for is their search engine, i don't care much for anything else of theirs. Getting a non default browser is just another app i really don't need, and doesn't do anything better or more...
  12. Nymus Anon

    Amd threadripper and intel i9

    To people who say it's practically pointless for most people, that is true but I'm one of those people who wants to do things that require lots of power. Sadly though, i don't actually have the money for this stuff so my computer is slow. But also, more powerful processors will stay relevant...
  13. Nymus Anon

    Amd threadripper and intel i9

    https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16819117795 https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16819113447 Both seem pretty amazing, but what's y'all's thoughts on them, and which would you rather get? Personally, I prefer amd.
  14. Nymus Anon

    Hey guys, it's been a little while.

    Since it's been a while since I've come along and said anything, I'm just poppin' back in real quick to say hi. Hi. And bye again, i supposeish. Maybe. :p
  15. Nymus Anon

    Cheap Crap

    Cheap crap is amazing and we need more of it:)
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