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  • Erm, I suppose the only things keeping me in Brum are my family & friends and my attachment to my home town. I'm comfortable and secure here. But having said that, I know I can't stay here forever - I need to see the world. But first I need to get my life in order, get some funds/finish uni - I've just been busy trolling life.. I suppose I'm more interested in the metaphysical aspects of philosophy rather than Epistemic - having said that all branches interest me, as do many individuals; from Plato to Goethe, to Steiner to Jung... I suppose my main area's of interest lay in various forms of occult theology... How about you, hows life for you in Canada?
    Can't say I've ever watched Sherlock, but I might just have to check it out now. Erm, yea I suppose LOTs of musical and artsy stuff in Brum, whats your preferred genres? Although, I'm not the best information point - I'm always behind the times. Yea, my interest in history was on accident .. I soon came to realise that if I want a clue as to what's going on in the world today, I need to understand what was going on in the world backaday. Computers are one of my blind spots.. I love messing with them, I'm just no good at messing with them lol. Tell me about some favourite philosophers :)
    Thank you Nox, happy to not be alone when it comes to being feely about ...you know.
    Oh I had a pen pal from Alberta until very recently... Canada is defo one place I've got add to the bucket list.. The UK is okay, cities are good for shopping, and that's about all. Manchester and London are the most popular, Birmingham is always taken for granted. It's very crowded. The country is, youknow, country like... Lots of history tho, I'm just returning from Winchester, which was most likely Camelot in the time of King Arthur.
    Thank you.. I admit, I sometimes do not do myself any favors in my communication style, but I do stand by the truths which I try to communicate to others... The world is such a fucked up place... You need to grab hold of your sanity with both arms, cradle it close to your chest, and growl at every motherfucker who tries to pry it from you, aha ;)
    Haha, well luckily for you, us INTP's don't mind chasing after the wildlife... Come join us, you can have your own enclosure if you like.. Keep the nasty humans at a safe distance..
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