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  • A problem for us both, it would seem.
    School is fast approaching. Do you still hold your positive opinions of it?
    Yes, although I.Q.=/= intelligence, necessarily.
    Well, anybody could make a quiz and slap a number on the end. I don't trust that they are 'legit' I.Q. tests.
    If I could find one being given free on a university's website, then I'd take it.
    *Let the googling commence!*
    I was hidden from the sun all summer, until the Renaissance Festival. Upon being there, my near-translucent skin was burned for the first time this summer. Sigh.

    I haven't taken any I.Q. tests, though I'd like to. (I just don't trust the free ones on the internet.)
    But, since you ask, what's yours?
    Well that's a shame.
    (In the case of the Renaissance Festival, at least. I don't attend other festivals, fairs, etc.)

    While the town I live in is small, I'm under an hour's drive from a huge city, so I'm not excluded from these things.
    Alas, it's only for a few weeks of the year. I was lucky enough to attend opening day, though.
    There are Renaissance Festivals in several states, but I hear the one in Arizona is great.
    Oh, it's amazing.
    It's like a state fair, but themed after the renaissance. Knights and fairies, wizards and acrobats abound. It's pretty great.
    I bought myself a nice staff.
    I would like to announce that I was just at the Renaissance Festival for the second time, and it was rather stupendous.
    Here's to hoping you're bludgeoned about the head with inspiration!
    I enjoy writing essays and novels. I daresay I write the essays well, but the novels are all absolutely terrible, have never been read by another soul, and have long since been deleted.
    Still, they were fun to write.
    I wanted to try my hand at another, but I'm at a complete loss for ideas.
    I think I've seen that in text somewhere, although it's certainly better actually hearing the man say it.

    On a related note, do you do much writing?
    Yet more evidence that, at least for the most part, they're subjective.
    People aren't so black and white as to be "good" or "bad".
    Depends on your morals, as they're in general subjective.

    Being honest doesn't necessarily make you a good person, though. Just for theory's sake, we'll say that Hitler was a completely honest man.
    Would you call him morally righteous?
    Honesty is a virtue, I guess.
    (One which I don't observe.)
    (Also, at this point, I notice I use parentheses rather often.)
    Oh, that wasn't how I meant it! I was being sarcastic.
    Damnit, so many jokes killed because of the downfalls of text...

    B'awww, thanks.
    Perhaps that means that you should sleep. These things tend to be related.
    (Also, is that your way of telling me that I'm boring? It's rather roundabout.)
    You have assumed incorrectly, as I have minimal access to computers. (Laptop is still on the fritz.)
    The name seems nice enough, though.
    Well, I went to the reunion and was absolutely miserable. I sat in the attic and read my great aunt's books, when I could. The rest of the time, I had to *shudder* socialize...

    And my laptop is still not in working order. I need to order some recovery disks from HP, but my mom insists on doing it. I wouldn't mind, if she would actually order them...
    Damn. I haven't gone half this long without using my laptop since I bought her.
    (Also, I'm back!)
    Oh wow that worked... amazing. No, I was just seeing if my cellphone moblie worked on this site.
    good golly! my but your conversations are odd, all the *sigh* and (stroke fake beard here) are so.... interesting. and guess what. I shall see you again next year for school... rather unfortunately and unwillingly in my case but it'll be fun seeing you again.
    Eh, I've never been good at being intimidating.
    (I leave in a few hours, so just reread all of the stuff I said in the last message about not being able to reply for a while.)
    I read Death Note, and that was pretty good, but I don't read/watch anything at the moment. Have anything to recommend?
    Rather, I'll have to shoot it in the face to put it out of its misery.
    Actually, I managed to crash my laptop and render it unusable. Not only that, but I have to go to a family reunion on the other side of the country tomorrow. I'll be gone until around the 7th. I don't know if I'll have access to internet or a computer while I'm down there, so I might not be able to message you for a while.
    Until I am next able to reply, goodbye!
    (You'd better have an interesting topic by the time I return...)
    And I'll be waiting.
    I don't consider myself a Stoic, though I find the philosophy interesting. If I were one, though, then my current valuing of actions would indeed be contrary to the philosophy.
    For the record, I'm not a full-blown hedonist. To simplify it, the purpose of life is to enjoy it, and aid others in doing the same. (Or so I feel at the moment. I'm rather fickle with these things.)
    Hmmm... I understand (more) now but I don't exactly accept. I believe that life must have some emotion of happiness and sadness, but I don't have anything to support it. *sigh*...
    Ah, I shall think of something!
    By the way, what is your point of view towards stoicism? When you say how "accomplishing a wanted task brings not joy, but the knowledge that it has been done", does it not go against your "Action-Value" system, which you explained in previous comments, hmmm?
    If one is tranquil, they are not joyous at the thought of being tranquil. They experience and work toward a greater good. Accomplishing a wanted task brings not joy, but the knowledge that it has been done.
    Gah. Well, you should get it eventually. Unless you don't. Then you won't.
    That one should seek to free oneself from grief is not something I feel I need to explain, so I'll simply skip that one.
    For people who experience grief, joy is not only necessary, but always present. (If nothing else, a time when one isn't experiencing grief is joyous.)
    However, if one is freed from grief, one has no need for joy. I'll explain. Imagine, if I could wire the part of my brain that causes me to feel happiness to a button (to use a scenario made by a different member of the forum). If I sat and pushed this button all my life, what kind of life is that? It's not right. Happiness should be essentially a coping mechanism, no more.
    In being stoic, one can find peace and clarity in logic. The stoics value this.

    Whew. Does that help?
    Oh, my life is the farthest thing from interesting. I just dislike school.
    I like the idea, but I dislike the execution.
    (Along with most of the people there.)
    I can be perfectly sociable if need be. The masses like me, I just dislike them.
    "Others" being all other humans that are affected by the action in question.
    And yes, I would preform actions that cause me pain, but others pleasure, assuming that the happiness caused is considerably greater than the pain inflicted and that I know the people.
    I'd also do the same for myself. For example, I attend school. I absolutely despise school, so why don't I leave? I assume that education will let me lead a more comfortable existence in the future.
    (regarding the second part) I'm sure you're making some sort of sense, I just don't see it.
    Alright, if you insist..
    Earlier today, on this forum, I read a post (I forget who wrote it) that clashed with something I believe, so I've decided to see how other people feel about it.
    Sometime last year, I decided to subscribe to a somewhat hedonistic philosophy. It's hedonistic in the fact that I value actions based on the pleasure or pain they cause myself and/or others.

    Do you think there is a better way to value actions?
    (If so, what?)
    Ah, boredom. I know thee well.
    When she's with me, I'll usually run through the list of websites that I check daily (this forum being one of them). If I can't find something interesting to take my time by then, I'll read for a bit. If I get a headache, I move to piano. Once my hands are tired, I'll play the various games I have on my laptop.
    If I manage to not feel like doing any of the above, then I sleep.
    What about you?
    (Also, sorry for the delay. Wasn't able to access internet.)
    Lol it was funny how that guy was trying to avoid insulting his boss at first!

    and still YIPPPPE I made you happy *jumps for joy. :3
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