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  • But of course. I maintain long-term residence at--
    A nice try, but you won't find my home in limbo that easily!
    (You are excused, though I usually show no mercy with such things.)
    Which is why, for the moment, I'm chilling out here.
    Let me try to explain it...
    Avoiding accepting the repercussions of an action, or to opt out of performing a duty.
    In that case, you should have said something clever. (Or anything, really.) Rather, you said you remained petrified, which was kind of a cop-out.
    Get it?
    (If you don't... Then google it or something, because that's as thorough as I'm gonna get.)
    (Crap. Didn't think she'd question my ineffability...)
    Um... Yuh-hunh!
    Also, how dare you mar my page with a duplication?!?
    As a general rule, shouting is not a good method to calm those you've successfully creep'd out of the room.
    I, however, am resilient.
    Gotta love the pep talks.
    Mine is as well. I don't have any overarching goal to work toward, you know? I mean, I'll probably go to college, get a job, et cetera, but that's just serving my hardwired purpose (to reproduce.)
    Sigh. Life is as boring as ever.
    There's no rush to grow up. Childish thoughts do not mark maturity or lack thereof, and I'm sure a lot of these other people you see as mature have them as well.
    Besides, even if you are immature, just enjoy it before you become a cynic.
    When the "deep"-est conversation two people have had revolves around a boy/girlfriend...
    People disappoint me.
    Do they? That's certainly strange.
    I like to imagine that "Me"s are rather uncommon.
    Also, I'll just assume that you thought this person to be wonderful company.
    Oh, how kind of you!
    I think, though, that in pushing a piano to my location, the moment of nostalgia was lost.
    Thanks for the piano, though.
    Whew. If you had said, as most single children I know do, that you wish you had siblings, I would've had to rant at you.
    I will have to share a room with my brother again...
    I'd rather sleep standing up in a closet, if I could use the space.
    I'm up for a challenge, at least.
    (Also, an apartment has been found. We should be moving in within a week or so. Woo!)
    I haven't even seen the thing yet, so no.
    But my practice shall be diligent, and I shall become a master of accordionry!
    Eh, that sounds pretty bad.
    On the brighter side (for me, at least,) my great-aunt is apparently going to give me an accordion that is over 50 years old.
    Sorry for the late response, couldn't get on the website.
    Believe me, I'm a fickle bastard. If I wasn't entertained thoroughly, I would've stopped messaging long ago.
    I dislike the term as well, but it seems to be widely used. Ugh.

    I don't know you all that well before or after, so I couldn't say.
    But, if it's any consolation, you make fairly entertaining visitor messages.
    It might not have been a good idea, but it was a fun one.
    We pooled cash and cleaned out the nearest Goodwill of teacups.

    I'd argue that your perspective is skewed. The people doubtful of their own opinions are hardly going to make a lot of posts in a polarized thread. There could just as easily be a majority of self-doubting intps, you just don't see them.
    I don't know if it has affected me, but I've seen a few other people who have changed schools near as many times as me, and they all seem to be the ones with "loud" personalities. Not necessarily obnoxious, but they certainly had a very strong sense of self.

    Pointy=Glass Colors=Paint Orgy=Lots_of_screaming_and_throwing_the_previous_two_objects

    To celebrate a friend's birthday, we had a tea party. Instead of drinking the tea, we smashed and threw the teacups. Also, instead of tea, the cups were full of paint.
    I don't get out much, but when I do, my friends usually make it interesting.
    You could say I'm less than enthusiastic.
    Especially considering the fact that I'm not sure if I'll be going to the same high school as the rest of the people I know, given the whole not having a home thing and all.
    Also, today I had an orgy of pointy colors.
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