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  • Hooray!

    I suggest one of the darkest blackest pits of a bloody moon were demons run unfettered and souls are torn from this world to oblivion! >:D

    Or we could you know... Go to pizza hut.

    It's kinda similar.
    Hey Nocty. You want to run away some time?

    I need to run away. :) I've been misbehaving.
    If I knew how to help you in this, I'd have helped myself, first.
    Sometimes the knowledge of those who browse this forum terrifies me. If it's not terrifying me, it's making me feel awfully unaccomplished.

    Note: I believe the word is "severificated".
    I admit to not being overly familiar with french music, but that's wonderful. Makes me wish I could play the guitar, and tempts me to spend my savings on one.
    Gah... Why does everything always end in making me want to spend money?
    ...In retrospect, resolving to respond so ridiculously early in the morning seems to have had a negative effect on the creativeness of my responses.
    Although it seems it did a bit for my ability to alliterate. Go figure.
    Happy More Belated Independence Day!
    I'd throw you red and blue patriotic missiles, but I happened to detonate all of mine.
    That aside, I looked into firework laws in my state and was rather surprised. It turns out that just the fireworks under my bed could get me a fine of $1,000.
    But it's rather too late to discuss fireworks, I suppose.
    Whither shall this conversation wander, I wonder?
    My wide pancake of knowledge...
    I like it. A lot.
    That's going into my user thingymajig under my username. The one that currently says Hoopy Frood.
    My thanks for your contribution towards my coolosity, good miss.
    Indeed I am familiar with the article, but that's because I'm obsessed with the site, not that I saw it on the forum.
    ...I am perhaps overly fond of jokes regarding genitals.
    In any case, I've read every article that comes out on that site for several years and many that came out before.
    (Who needs a life when you've got the internet, right?)
    Hey, that's better memory of it that I'd have expected, given how long ago it was. (...How long was that, I wonder? I'm too lazy to dig it up.)

    I don't strictly subscribe to any specific philosophy, but I generally find myself agreeing with Epicurus. I don't believe there's any objective purpose to anything, or that anything is objectively meaningful, save happiness. I suppose there's some nihilism there. I personally equate good and bad with pleasure and pain, respectively.
    Ideally, one would live a relaxed life, enjoying their existence and helping others enjoy theirs where possible.

    I'd recommend reading the wikipedia page on Epicureanism. Again, I don't specifically follow it, but you'll get the idea.

    Ironically, as you'd find on the wikipedia page I linked, "Epicureanism... became the main opponent of Stoicism."

    How would you describe your philosophy?
    I've actually been familiar for some time. I find it quite lulzy, and meant to get a sticker but forgot.
    What specifically would you like to discuss in regards to the Church?
    Forgive me, but I cannot let a noticed mistake go uncorrected.
    "O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" is a line from the poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll.
    You have no idea just how hard I had to fight off the urge to make a crude joke in response.
    Really, you make it too easy.
    I was aware, though it still saddens me.
    ...The article had a somehow cheapening effect on my sorrow. Frisky, indeed.
    I wonder if he is also a beverage? Why, depending on his emotional disposition, we may well hit it off. I'll send him an e-mail.
    Such things happen when beverages of no particular emotional disposition get frisky.
    It's an alarming sight to see, I assure you.
    Thank you for your Loveless contribution. I hope you enjoy the manga, miss.
    its impolite to stare y'know...! O:

    (heh, thanx. she is the original artist. really like her style of art.)
    We bear not naiveté. We are pure!
    We are the upholders of language, in its glorious natural state, free from the marring by the masses!
    We are the ineffectual sentinels, watching as our efforts go to waste, and seeing things decline ever more!
    We are not those our language needs...
    We are what our language deserves.
    We are...
    The Dark Linguists.

    (Edit: :D)
    I could not agree more. Specifically with the word "queer".
    I use the word fairly often, as I hate the sound of "weird", and "strange" just seems... Well, strange.
    All the time, teachers will pull me aside for my "foul language", despite my using the word in a perfectly valid way. And heaven forbid I use the word in a speech, lest half of the class break into giggles.
    Public schools are not very nice places.
    Gah. I dislike this whole family business, but I'm torn.
    On one hand, I fancy the idea of the mother abandoning the baby just after birth, as a lot of animals do.
    On the other hand, I really dig the whole free food and such.
    Or, to put it more bluntly, nature's a bitch.
    My anxiety didn't last long. The trip was canceled, so, woo!
    Unfortunately, it's been replaced with a trip to Chicago to see family.
    my compliments dun bite. O:
    i pwomise!

    i train them well. and they use the litter box.. o.o
    Oh, wow! Five minutes of entertainment indeed!
    I'm not sure where you live on a rural<-->urban scale, but being in the suburbs, I'm always amazed whenever I'm in the middle of nowhere at night. Call it childish, but it's just... So damn cool.
    Well, it's a children's book, so it probably wouldn't take long to get through...
    It's not all that wonderful, really, I'm just rather fond as I liked it when I was young(er). I'm sad that the author died both because of nostalgia and because he was kind of pioneering in that he had children's books that were somewhat darker/stranger than was (and is) the norm.
    ...It's not exactly calamari, that's for sure.
    Ever heard of the book "Where the Wild Things Are"? The author and illustrator of said book recently died.
    I found it quite tragic.
    I sincerely doubt Kuu reads our messages.
    Then again, on the off chance...
    I am appalled by your distaste for cheese. TO ARMS!
    (Er, ahem.)

    ...Would this be for the sake of keeping as a pet, or for their deliciousness?
    Not the nasty stuff in plastic shakers, but proper, in-a-wheel parmesan.
    So good... I've eaten half a wheel of the stuff in one sitting before.
    It was wonderful.
    I usually manage to pull higher grades besides, but it's still quite annoying.
    QUICK! Favorite type of cheese?
    My apologies for the tardiness, I've been rather busy with work as of late.
    It is infinitely distressing just how subjective grading of essays seems to be at times...
    It's only been the case with a couple of English teachers for me, but it seems like they didn't even read the essay and graded it based on their mood that day. The fact is especially reinforced by the fact that most of the class had grades that raised and lowered more or less in unison...
    And that's it for the distasteful memories of the day!
    Come, Nocturne! Onward, to adventure!
    *Sets off to find the queen of hearts and piss her off, because really, why now?*

    (It's wonderful!)
    I, uh, knew that.
    Happy... Posting-anniversary?
    Sure, that.
    Cheers! We're a year closer to dying than we were before we spoke!
    Family vacation? Gross!

    Note, I ended up doing the brochure in 10 minutes in the library the morning it was do. It was painfully bad, but my sleep-deprived self thought it would be funny to turn in.
    Now, however, I'm a bit nervous. I can't tell whether the teacher will think it's funny while still giving it a poor mark, or whether they'll be offended...
    Oh, well. Hakuna matata, and all that jazz.
    (/end rant regarding the World of The Stoic)
    Oh, how kind of him.
    I've got to make a brochure for government, due tomorrow.
    I really don't want to work. Blegh.
    That's happened to me, although it ended up being an 85 because the beginning and end was somewhat related. I was simply marked down for the...somewhat tangential material in the middle.
    Don't worry, I'll be fine!
    *Proceeds to spend the next several hours dancing with the machine elves*
    (Damn conservatives in the scroll-labeling industry...)
    >Oops! It feels deathly cold!
    *Makes a face as it, too, welds itself to my hand*
    *Casts an unidentified scroll out of frustration, hoping for a Scroll of Remove Curse*
    *...It's a scroll of Gas Cloud*
    *Is poisoned*
    *Sulks as the wreath welds itself to my hands*
    >Oops! It feels deathly cold!
    *Dutifully starts digging through scrolls...*
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