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  • There are tons of differences between the INTP and INFJ. If you would want to know the difference within a specific context, I might be more applicable to ellaborate on this. After all, I am a directive, I thus require a perspective in order to think. I need a perspective, and then I can think. The INTP, needs to think, in order to have a perspective. (J vs P thingy) I for instance, if I don't know what perspective to take within a situation, I would naturally be all silent. Without a perspective, I can't extrovert. I thus have to make up an compatible perspective within a context in order to think, whilst the INTP needs to make compatible judgment in order to think. INFJ: Perspective > Perspective = Thinking. INTP: Judgment > Judgment = Thinking. (If that makes sense, otherwise just forget about it :D)
    The hands. The INFJ has thicker fingers but not thick. The INTP has thin spider hands. When making gestures, the INFJ does so in a magicians way, or structured way. The INTP makes spider gestures, the fingers being all span etc.

    Their concern. The INFJ cares about perspectives. Everything a person sais is a clarification of perspective, how this is being clarified is irrelevant. The INTP doesn't care about perspective, but merely how it is being clarified (judged).

    Thinking. J vs P.
    J is inductive reasoning. It takes a generalization and it will be specifying it.
    P is deductive reasoning. It takes a specification and it will be generalizing it.
    Wow! Amazing pictures you have chosen as profile picture and avatar! And your name is awesome! We should become friends :D :D
    Whoo! I'm not too late for the party, am I?
    *sees that the party ended rather over two weeks ago*
    ...Well then. That's problematic.
    I have no suggestions whatsoever!
    If you hadn't noticed, mine has been the same for approximately always. This should show you my aptitude for avatar choosing abilities.
    That said, my username leaves me with somewhat less choice than yours...
    Pretty much the same things happen over Christmas, yes, with one significant difference: I actually like the family that I see over Christmas (it's my dad's side, as opposed to my mom's.)
    Regarding embarrassment, I just try not to care, on the grounds that I never really see family, so I don't have to live with the consequences of looking like a dunce.
    Well, watching a particular game is considered traditional, that game being football. I am not much of a fan...
    That said, there was delicious food aplenty, ranging from such traditional items as you had mentioned to considerably less standard fare.
    Almost makes up for having to tolerate family.
    Apologies, I am indeed horribly busy. I just got back from an unpleasant vacation, in which I spent thanksgiving with family... Eugh.
    That said, it went somewhat better than expected. Not fantastic, but not by any means terrible.

    I have heard good things about khanacademy.com for knowledgable schtuff, though I haven't looked into it myself. I usually just pirate books pertaining to whatever I want to know.

    How was your thanksgiving?
    I hate that question. Whether one drives doesn't seem like it should be a fundamental part of one's identity, but it's certainly treated as such. I somewhat sympathise, because while I am of age to have my driver's license, I don't even have my permit yet.
    Not that I have a car I'd be able to drive, but still...
    I'm too young to vote, and I'm pretty apathetic toward Obama's victory. I'm not much a fan of either of the two main candidates, although I suppose I dislike Obama less. So, woo, I suppose.
    I have not read the book, but I just now put it on my kindle due to your recommendation, so I'll get back to you on that.
    Whoops, it would appear that I missed the sacrificial bonfire.
    I would define myself as an atheist. While I don't think the existence of a god can be disproven (unless you give the god specific attributes, i.e. the abrahamic god,) I still have fairly firm belief that one does not exist.
    An election be happening. Thoughts?
    I find myself agreeing with what you've said. I mean, I feel like a given church behaves more like a business than anything.
    I don't have a problem with a given person being of a given religion, as it could not be less of my business who/what you choose to worship. However, and I'm not exactly the first to say this, I really don't care for the... Archaic social views that some people take with the package. (E.g.- A christian having an aneurysm because (s)he saw two dudes kissing in a park)
    I noticed the thread some time ago, and was surprised that it's still active after so long.
    (I was also a teeny bit starstruck, being in a conversation with the person who started such a thread)
    You might not feel it solid enough to post in the thread, but perhaps you would enlighten me with your stance on religion?
    (Apologies if you've told me before. If that is the case, though, I've forgotten, so it's still (sorta) new information to me.)
    Meat is delightful.
    At some point or another, though, I intend to go vegetarian for one year. But that's really just for kicks.
    I love animal bits far too much to forsake them for much longer.
    Well, the universe imploded and then time stopped.
    You then leave nothing but my response to fill the resulting void.
    That's rather a lot of pressure I'm now under.
    ...I recently had some delicious meatloaf.
    I rarely leave my desk chair anyway, so it's just as well.
    (No need to hide it; we all know Guinness is delicious.)
    (Social contact is delicious as well.)
    Indeed, the forum should forgive such a pseudo-intp member. However, it is entirely up for debate as to whether that particular pseudo-intp will forgive a given beverage for a busy week spent in his (astonishingly cozy) attic.
    (Really, though, whoops. I do not do this intentionally, I'm just hilariously bad at doing things routinely.)
    That's frighteningly relevant.
    I have horrific, large, wide, crooked, hairy hobbit feet. So, I wear flip flops all the time to show them off to the world at large (I actually just really hate socks.) Over three years ago, I bought some sandals for twenty bucks at some convenience store on a whim. I've been wearing those almost daily for this entire time, and just this week, one of them broke. I wore right through the leather that goes between the toes.
    I was seriously considering giving them a viking funeral at a local creek, but lacked some supplies. Seeing those flip flops together, in the trash...
    I'm not overly materialistic, but it was absolutely heartbreaking.

    I assume you had a nice thing you own break/become useless? Do tell of it.
    What can I say? I'm a hooligan.

    A fascinating anecdote. I don't think that is a matter of concern for me, though. White pines are all over the damn place. ...I think so, anyway.
    If they are not, you may now be talking to a fugitive.
    I wasn't aware of how it would contrast with the forum, I just thought it looked cool.

    If it's too bright, intpf has sunglasses. --> :cool: I like it right now, might change it in the future though.
    Canadians indeed. O_O
    Anecdote requested, good miss.
    And it was perfectly legal. It was a white pine in somebody's back yard, which they were paying us to remove. A friend's dad was doing most of the work, and he does various tree related shenanigans for a living. This was just a small job on the side he accepted mainly because he was friends with the person requesting it.
    This is just sounding better and better... If ever I am randomly struck with severe wanderlust, I'll be mucking about on coastal Canada.
    In unrelated news, I felled a tree recently. That was fun.
    I've always thought Canada sounded delightful. I'm no stranger to cold, living where I do. My only complaint is that summer is too long. Rain is nice, and grizzly bears are quite soft, or so I've heard.
    If you're ever bumming about Minnesota in August/September, call me up, as our Renaissance Festival is fantastic. That holds for you, too, stranger reading this conversation! I may not know you, but I would happily spend a day at ren fest with you!

    Forgive me, as I'm sure it doesn't make your situation any better, but how I long for a schedule I could describe as a bore. I've complained much already, but damn, actually working is not fun.
    First, forgive me my tendencies to be redundant. I seem to have mentioned the "hard classes" bit in both a PM and VM.
    ...It would be standard for me to ask you how your courses are, now that you know, but if I did so it would be yet another redundant thing. So, I'll avoid that.
    But still, I'm attracted to the idea of having two of the same conversation. The novelty of it was enough to tempt me, but I resisted.

    I think I'm going to the Renaissance Festival this Sunday. It will be wonderful.
    I wasn't quite done posting. Damn you, 1000 character limit!

    Anywho, what I was gonna say:
    I took basically every hard course I could this year. It's going to be rather butts. Assuming I don't crack under the stress and start thinking I'm a toucan, though the two years after should be astonishingly easy.
    ...I don't really feel that this small bit warranted a whole other message, but I'm just a rebel like that.
    Congratulations on that beautifully long post. Really, great stuff.
    ...I'm gonna need to use a list to organize this one.
    edit: Because apparently quotes can't be used in a visitor message, you get spoilers!
    Absolutely I do. Pretty much all small talk with people I don't particularly care for is rehearsed.
    I believe I addressed this one in a PM.
    Eugh. I am not touchy. I am in fact very not touchy. Hugs are a no-no. For lack of actual words, they skeeve me the hell out.
    Of course, that mere fact, spoken aloud by a friend who likes to mess with me, will cause everybody in a three mile radius to attempt to hug me. It's quite unfortunate.
    *Ties you to a stake*

    Right. Now... Uhm...

    *Lowers you into a magma pit*

    Any last requests?
    Haha, it's a Fox.

    Bought it from here although... as I don't live in the US, the shipping was almost as much as the fox. Still. TOTALLY WORTH IT! :D
    I have no idea what these responsible things are, but they are apparently things of great import, as I'm constantly told to hold on to my money in their name.

    My main regret is that I have not yet designed a machine to let me reverse/stop/slow time, and that because of this my summer is ending.
    I am extremely concerned about having to be around lots and lots of people every weekday, it's never fun. I feel like I go on autopilot during the school year. Makes for a bit of a panic just before I go there.
    Also, at my school's orientation today, I got hugged by three people today. Three.
    It was highly traumatic, especially considering that one of them was a tackle hug from one of my more athletic friends running at full speed. That one was both traumatic and physically painful.
    To keep things positive, though, italics are fun.

    How do you feel about school and its imminent beginning?
    I must resist the urge to buy things...
    Must save money for responsible things...
    Excuse me while I go buy obscene amounts of energy drinks.
    When I was about twelve and younger, I always spent my money on books and games. It would be spent quickly, sure, but I still got enjoyment out of it.
    As of late, especially considering I've got a job, I've been buying "bigger" things that'll stick around. For example: A desk, chair, headphones, amp, a kindle, mp3 player, and, as of last night, I finally managed to order my damned keyboard (piano kind, not computer kind.)
    And now I'm not sure what I'm going to get. I kind of ran through my mental list of to-buy stuff.
    Having enough money that you don't know what to do with it is a good feeling, let me tell you.
    I have not read Shogun, although it's currently on my Kindle in my "to-read" queue. Thank you, though, more book recommendations are always welcome.

    In other news, I finally got paid! Money is fun.
    My sincerest apologies to your daemons, I forgot to inquire after their nature. I was rather distracted by my own chortling soon after remembering that feminist.

    She mentioned the domination of men in feudal Japan, and muttered something resentful about the shape of swords in general. I brought up the military uselessness of blades designed around other genetalia, and we had a good laugh.
    Or, I did, anyway.

    What do you want, punk!?

    Last I heard you were insulting my family name with the great enemy known as the Bieber! D:
    He's doing quite well, and thanks you for asking.
    (Note if I haven't informed you before, he does not, strictly speaking, have a gender, being an immaterial being and all. For the sake of convenience, though, he prefers the pronoun "he".)
    I once told a feminist friend that and she started going on about the phallic nature of a katana. While that isn't Sebastian's only form, I was still thoroughly amused.
    Generally speaking, a given stoic isn't particularly amused by such things, and yet...
    Okay, I am fooling nobody.
    Ow, my sanity...
    Quick, there is only one solution! Turn the conversation in a direction even more directly away than backwards! To the nearest significant warping of conversational spacetime, post-haste!
    I'm absolutely baffled. I think I've spent a good twenty minutes on and off trying to see door hinges crushing an orange. Is there some clear symbolism I'm just too blind to see, sitting in plain sight? Is this an elaborate scheme, hatched by Nocturne, simply because she knew I would spend excessive amounts of time trying to see a picture in a smiley? No, surely not. She's not that devious, and couldn't possibly know me that well.
    ...I think.
    Welp, there's another reason to be excessively paranoid about everything, everywhere.
    Meanwhile, I'll try to seal that dreadful lack-of-image from my mind, lest it consume all of my waking hours.
    ...I'm trying. I'm really, really trying.
    But I absolutely cannot see "door hinges crushing an orange" in (>.<)
    I love math as much as the next guy, but generally speaking, symbols don't actually evoke a smile. Contrary to that general statement, due to the fact that I think you placed said symbols rather sillily (try saying that word, it's fun,) they did indeed make me smile.
    I never would have thought that a decimal point between 'greater than' and 'less than' signs would evoke such a wide smile as I currently bear. Bravo.
    That, or we young ones will spit upon the legacy of generations past and muck up the place with our general incompetence.
    I can't wait.

    Note: I am wary of this splitting off into a third simultaneous conversation, but I felt that I shouldn't just leave your "Many thanks" unreplied to. So, here be the response.


    *Deep breaths-deep breaths*

    I'll just let that one pass and pretend you didn't insult my supreme dastardlyness and extremely manly variety of evil.

    Hrm. They do pasta in Pizza hut!? What sorcery is this!? D:
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