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  • Although morality is codified empathy, I haven't yet codified mine. As for relative empathy, perhaps my lack of significant friendships in real life contributes to my outpouring of emotions online, and for that I apologize.

    As for post-mortem degradation, consider that none of us expects to be treated in such a way that would have offended us while we were still living for much the same reason that we expect milk cartons to contain milk: we trust each other. And to cast doubt upon the treatment of our bodies is to cast doubt on all promises-- for what distinguishes promise from promise, trust from trust?

    But of course, moral nihilism blows all that to bits. "Why not degrade the dead?" it asks. And I answer, "Because I don't want to". And that's all I'm talking about. Want. Pain. Memories. But you doubtlessly hold the philosophical high ground, here, and I'll concede if you press. :)

    It just feels wrong.

    It's not morals as much as it is empathy-- my motivation to spilt the threads, that is. Imagine if you knew that people would be debating the significance of your works as they lowered you down. It would feel kind of creepy.

    If I ever find you in a fixed position in space, beware of my highly efficient tissue infiltrating ultra-calcium gun. Positive and negative, you have met your Devil.
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