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  • I have been redesignated as INFP.
    I guess that means I have high empathy.
    INFJ is more detached, I am personal.
    Outside vs inside focused,
    Fe pushes out subjective involvement.
    Fi is very subjectively involved.

    Also, I get my ideas from (Ne)
    So its random many ideas stuck together.
    Ni sees all angles to ideas (that would be you neb I think?)

    Nice to see you back ❤️
    Hey!!✨ you’re super great I’ve missed you
    Ohio Neb, Ha Ha ha... just saw your electronic letter hour so ago. Thanks for the music, was looking for... circussy stuff today per chance without having to go into waltzes marches et al...

    ... well... they know how to jump around... Dame Darcy's "Meat Cake" (she has twins!), sometimes sounds like futurama holophoner opera... Hmmmm..... reminded of novel based in victo times with psycopath doctor who lived with mermaid and conjoined sisters as boy, they all lived in big english manor with weird member of a medical society who showed them around as freaks)

    {{{as their story progressed, this is very well crafted, album needs to be taken as a whole }}}
    any other circus/burlesque/dark cab music or even movies(santa sangre, paprika like) you would recommend? (xcept tiger lils and circus contrap)
    Siouxsie and the Banshees yo.. a bunch of fun fun great songs.
    Cascade, Slowdive, Melt!, The Killing Jar,..Peek-A-Boo, She’s a Carnival, This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us (a cover of the Sparks),
    And Lovecats by the Cure.
    I suggest you give this site a try if you are having trouble deciding type. They have enough tests to make your head spin and I think all of them are scientifically validated. If you create an account there, you can save your results on their site, which, you may not know this (or you might), but that little perk is immensely useful.
    I am really surprised by your siggy.

    I think you have enough openness to make a journey to know who you are.
    Great quality, urinal pic or 1 million euros sold blue rectangle on canvas? Bullcrap. Anything is top quality.
    Unless u wanna become super skilled as an illustrator or smth like that more modern.

    I check your blog once a while. I like it.
    Do u have Instagram? Cuz I swear the other day i saw some drawings and I thought they were similar to your style. If not don't mind me. I identify people everywhere when they are not.
    Hey, u said u were studying arts or smth in a thread? Do u have stuff so I can check? Just really curious about underground stuff. Let me know ;D
    As a side note because I am an INFJ male I tend to be more like a girl when it comes to my empathy. I have that female sense of caring that I just want to take care of people like a mother. I do not have that masculine tendency to want to be strong, How I really feel is submissive and embracing a person as they are, to comfort them and make them feel wanted. Females often feel the need to be needed. Mothers feel the bond that their child needs them. I feel that people need me so I take care of them. Difficult to describe but, I have to know how to gently care for their emotions. Knowing emotions is how I am like a girl. Men really do just think about results and not about to see the best way to relate feelings so both people come closer to really knowing who the other person is.
    I just seem to know that I know emotions. And I know that I do not like masculine mentalities.

    Thank you for saying no one was trying to get me.
    Sorry, your girlfriend got mad at you. The whole Christianity and LGBT thing is kind of complicated. (I wonder if you read what I said in your blog). I feel that you seem like you are Christian because you care and that you deeply believe in Jesuses redeeming message. You know, about showing people how to be perfected through him. A pure soul that is Good to everyone and never holds on to negative feelings against anyone. Doing what is right because it is right. I know this is really important to you.
    That sounds nice. what songs do you play? If you feel like it, maybe you could audio record yourself playing and singing and share it with us?

    There is something very special to me about female voices in song. I really like singing myself, though I don't do it much anymore, nor do I keep up with the few instruments I know. my passion for music died suddenly some several years ago...

    well, best of luck on finals. study hard and such...
    I apologize for my gushiness or whatever. Maybe it doesn't seem like it, but one person really can make a difference. I was alone and trippin' on too much acid a few months ago and my friend who talked to me on the phone for 15 minutes...it felt like he was saving my life.

    Idk either...mate.
    Oh my god I need sleep
    Introverted iNtuitives ~ INsomnia

    (I'm tired enough for that to seem clever)
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