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  • heh, one would have to keep such a system conscious, or else they may end up with a peculiar fetish! of course, i suppose getting off every time one achieves a goal isn't the strangest thing.. but it seems like it may be healthiest to align objectives with similar instincts; perhaps social goals could be better associated with the sexual drive, and career goals with the instinct toward security, etc.
    i like that approach, it's a broader yet more nuanced view. seems there would be abundant opportunities to find motivation in every moment, since we're always operating on some survival instinct. perhaps this wouldn't be necessary, but i wonder how you'd go about redirecting a psychological impulse? from what i've learned about libito, it doesn't seem that it exists as a general force, but as a result of a particular psychic causality. dissolve the causality, and the motivation disappears with it.
    i see, what a clever interpretation of the scripture. so if i understand, you're utilizing the intrinsic fight-or-flight response to drive yourself toward psychological transformation. it's a forced adaptation not unlike what social frameworks impose upon us, at least in principle. this actually sounds a lot like a method someone i know uses. he utilizes shame to motivate himself toward becoming the things he desires to be.

    i think these sorts of methods do work in a lot of cases. we humans are so motivated by fear! and it makes sense, fear is Nature's warning system - an animal who doesn't heed it in the wild is bound to run into trouble.
    An agent model is theoretically possible and has been made by people who have the systems to monitor live content streams. The model of an agent is structured by what a person is capable of to mitigate risk and supervision management.



    Agents are not active in that predictive models do not allow creativity of agents to act except in limited simulations. An active agent would make choices incorporating all preferential data available in the personality construct.

    A Self-control loop would give me more energy. I have just had a hard time working with computers to implement my A.i. plans. I am not a computerphile. I don't want to break my computer trying to figure out how it works. I am simply unable to think of any first step to begin creating an A.i. that does not necessitate getting help because by myself I have accomplished little. Either I just am not self-directed enough and cannot learn or I just need help.
    A.i. as a personality construct I am sure will get better at understanding people. The theory behind consciousness is called self-reference. Cognito Ergo Sum. (I) think therefore (I) am. A self-contained loop.

    If all data from my internet activity was put in a self-contained loop, it would understand the ego (I).
    Most of the time I lack energy to create anything, because I do not know what it is I should create. It seems that I don't want to learn anything because I cannot use it. I am not that into anything much. It is just draining on me. A cycle of low energy, loss of motivation and I don't see the point anymore. So I am just waiting for something to happen. I am tired of searching for something I cannot find. Not depressed, just wish I had something purposeful to do.
    sounds like you've built up a wonderful archive. have you thought about compiling some of your writings into a book? i don't know if there's a certain field you'd like to end up in, but authorship can pave the way for opportunities. i'm quite fascinated by the 'reverse-self-actualization' mentioned in your diagrams.. is this a phase you've encountered or a method you've developed?
    browsed through your art album, you've depicted some fascinating concepts there :) i really like your piece Concepts and Associations. nice balance and synthesis of organic/inorganic forms.
    I did a couple of philosophy projects on binary realism and this was some mental masturbation/conceptual sketching. One of the projects argued that 0 and infinity were the only two numbers outside of the possibilities within existence and did some crossover with physics and oscillation...but ultimately was about modal logic (necessity and possibility). The other one was based on this paper and the idea of layers of abstraction in both programming and networking (OSI model) and compared it to Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

    I'm like the bad mashup DJ of theories.

    Also: sorry if this makes as much sense as the picture, I sort of suck at brevity.
    I'll get a reply to you in the next couple of days. I had written one but the laptop crashed a second before I could send it.
    Edit, I'm stupid. I just read your post on enlightenment. I'll reply in there.

    I've clearly not been lurking the forum enough lately :( - Sorry!
    Me and snafu have also been trying to figure out enlightenment. I have a feeling snafu did and now I finally fully understand it. Just an update on myself. ^_^

    Would you mind explaining that to me? I'm not entirely sure what you mean by enlightenment. Also, i'm actually awake now -yay-.
    I've not been posting as much recently :(
    In a way, I'm thinking less now... But that's mostly because i'm high somewhat frequently, which isn't exactly a good solution. Sometimes, it's quite amazing tho.

    When nothing really matters, happiness or your mood in general is no more than a choice. It doesn't go so easily, but my thoughts say it is. Or should be. Then again, my thoughts also say I cannot be happy at all times. Blehr. Not entirely figured it out yet ;)...

    I'll go stalk some threads of yours when I find the time and my head has cleared up... It's 22.20 pm and I just woke up, after 14 hours of sleep, and my head still feels like a frisbee. I'm not sure if i should feel bad or great... But the thinking atleast goes slowly.
    Haha. Find me a suitable avatar, then ;)
    Why 'used to be'? I mean, is there some experation date on friendship?
    Haha. If there's one thing I've learnt, then it is that you cannot escape your mind. You CAN escape your feelings, but only for so long. I guess for feelers, it's exactly the other way around.

    What other people think and how it gets them into trouble is their own fault. In the end, how you -feel- about your thoughts is still part of your emotions, not your thought. Even nihilism, etc, essentially doesn't give you reason to be sad, but it doesn't give you reason to joy either. I don't think we can blame thoughts for our emotional state... But I do admit that thoughts can make it worse. Despite that, you can't stop thinking / overthinking, but I assume you can keep it in line. I think the most important thing is to try and socialise, from time to time. To compare notes, if not any other reasons.
    Likewise, it's just that I attempt to live life and see how it goes. I try to be happy with whatever I come along, and usually that works.

    I can't fail to notice how it's one big game, and we can never permanently win it, however. It can go good, for a while, but sooner or later we lose. We can't bypass this, we can't win. We can stop playing, but even that equals losing to me. Some people trying to be wise would say that you win simply by playing, but it doesn't always feel that way.

    That being said, i'm not unhappy. Not now, not anymore. I've probably been happier for longer periods of time than most people, and the main reason for that would be the way I think. It just isn't failsafe, and when it fails, it fails hard. It's the only way I know, and when that doesn't work, I question literally everything, all over again.
    I'm not filled with regret nor self pity. I might be, at times, but I do realise it leads nowhere. Truth is I recognise alot of my former thoughts in what you're writing. I just got to a point where I hit a wall. Hard. I realise my thoughts, as flawless as they seemed, were flawed nevertheless. I underestimated the effect emotions had, despite having them fully under control (Well, clearly not really...)

    Back to laisez-faire. Living without considering it too much... But honestly, I can't. I can't stop thinking... About anything. Curse of the intp, perhaps? I don't disagree that the meaning of life could be to love. I just feel it's not the only way to go about it, nor that there is an optimal way. My gut says we should just do whatever we feel like doing. Even if the goal of life is to love, I cannot force myself to fall in love with someone. That doesn't mean my life is meaningless, only that i'll find it elsewhere.
    But then again, i'm a stupid drunk...

    Also, which idiot invented the 1000 character limit on people's "wall"? How am I supposed to express myself in 1000 characters. I'm spamhappy, you know!
    I am in fact too drunk to write a coherent, easy to read and thoughtful answer to your thread atm, so i'll just keep it here for the moment. Also because i'm going semi-personal.

    I was wondering, when was the last time you had a truly emotional and deep relationship with someone? I've thought exactly what you are stating (living in the present, etc). I truly have. At some point, a girl broke this idea into little pieces while until that point I wasn't even sure I loved her. Now I can't help but look back, even if time gets me moving on. I used to agree, thinking worked and my feelings would follow... But those times have passed, and I don't know if they'll ever come back. I feel I'm living proof that your ideas concerning relationships et all are less ideal and / or easy than you make them seem. Yet I do not differ myself, I don't say I won't fall for the same traps of love again... In fact, I almost want to fall in love again, knowing it'll end as failure, no matter what I do.
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