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  1. MichiganJFrog

    Is suicide selfish?

    FWIW Thomas Joiner's book Why People Die by Suicide said it has to do with a "thwarted sense of belongingness." You interpret other people's actions to mean that they don't want you around, and you act accordingly. So, not selfish then, I guess.
  2. MichiganJFrog

    Seizure-inducing Web pages

    That's one of those pages I swear I'll never look at again, but probably will.
  3. MichiganJFrog

    What songs are you listening to? /Redux/

    A Timely Number
  4. MichiganJFrog

    An entire personality type must disappear - which one should it be?

    I'm with you on that one, but I went with ESFJ just because the ESFPs might feel slightly conflicted about their G.D. chirpiness. It's true, my wife is pure evil! :D Holy crap, even I'm in the cross-hairs! This is turning into a circular firing squad!
  5. MichiganJFrog

    An entire personality type must disappear - which one should it be?

    Are we talking getting rid of actual people here?
  6. MichiganJFrog

    Constantly fighting myself

    The pressure to be extraverted is, IMO, absolutely relentless. I'm like, really old, and I still catch myself trying to act like one of the "normals," especially in job interviews. I wouldn't go so far as to say limitless vistas will open up to you or anything like that, but I have found that...
  7. MichiganJFrog

    Last movie you watched

    Primer was cool. What I thought made it work was that everyone and everything in the movie looked so unremarkable. No aliens, no spaceships, no orchestral scores. I was afraid one of those guys was going to teleport into my living room or something.
  8. MichiganJFrog

    Gainfully Employed

    Thanks, Ufark, I appreciate that. I forgot to mention, the next step after open mic night is hot babes and the inevitable involvement with elements of the criminal underworld. ;)
  9. MichiganJFrog

    Gainfully Employed

    I play guitar with a friend of mine who plays mandolin. We haven't "produced" anything in the sense of original material, but we cover everything from Amy Winehouse to Russian folk songs. "Taking it to the next level" means playing out eventually, which means open mic nights around town. I...
  10. MichiganJFrog

    Changing type

    Same here, except I was in publishing. There was always someone on the phone, standing at my desk or outside my office, or waiting for me to reply to an email or respond to an RSVP for a meeting that would cover the same damn topic as the last three meetings. It was complete sensory overload. If...
  11. MichiganJFrog

    Changing type

    One of the Wikipedia pages on the MBTI cites a report from the National Academy of Sciences that said only the I/E pairing has any scientific merit. The NAS is a highly politicized organization, though, so there's no telling why they threw out the other three. Architect Almost seems as if...
  12. MichiganJFrog

    Changing type

    That's what I'm saying -- I'm an F, but a weak F. The chart with my results goes 30-----0-----30 for each of the four pairings. So it's like this: E 30-----------0-----------30 I S 30-----------0-----------30 N T 30-----------0-4----------30 F J 30-----------0-----7------30 P [I tried to put...
  13. MichiganJFrog

    Changing type

    I do find that emotions have become more important for me. I hear more of the emotional context these days in conversations as well as movies, plays, and TV shows. On a separate assessment of communication styles, I went from being a Thinker the first time I took it to being a Relater the...
  14. MichiganJFrog

    Changing type

    Just wondering if I could get a thread going on people who've seen their type change over the years, what exactly it means, etc., etc., as I've seen discussions of it hither and thither. Finally got back the results of an “official” (read: not online, not free) MBTI assessment I took about a...
  15. MichiganJFrog

    Songs about introversion

    That mom is totally hot
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