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  1. MentalBrain

    An INTPf user who has written a hate message on my Twitter account

    I think the point is, if you aren't going to protect people from having their personal information abused, then you shouldn't provide a profile feature whose singular purpose is to share personal information. If this info was shared in a thread, that would be something entirely different, but if...
  2. MentalBrain

    You know you're an Intp when...

    MUfasa, even.
  3. MentalBrain

    Determinism and time travel?

    You would have had to have had kids before you left, because relativistic time travel is only future-wards.
  4. MentalBrain

    What are you currently playing?

    I'm on like my third play through of Psychonauts.
  5. MentalBrain

    If you had a superpower what would it be and why

    That in and of itself could be construed as two powers. One, clairvoyance with respect to people who try to have two powers, and two, the ability to call down lightning.
  6. MentalBrain

    Ever tried to explain to an Extrovert?

    Maybe instead of explaining it in terms of "energy" and so on and so forth, which sounds vague and pseudo-mystical, try simply stating what that really MEANS; being around people tires you out. You don't necessarily DISLIKE being around people, but it's like exercise. You can enjoy a jog every...
  7. MentalBrain

    Gifts for an INTP

    Agreed. I typically just ASK for what I want around the gift-giving seasons. If I can't think of anything, I'll ask for money. Assuming, though, that you intend to buy a THOUGHTFUL gift, start from your friend's interests and extrapolate forward from there. Be careful, though. A handpicked gift...
  8. MentalBrain

    INTPs and Employment

    For those INTPs who are or have been employed, how do you view your job? I'm currently at a place where I view a job as an intensely stressful affair that people only endure out of necessity, which, as might be expected, greatly hinders my motivation to look for one. Any honest feedback on your...
  9. MentalBrain

    Geocentrism and relativity

    Allow me to preface this with the statement that I don't actually understand relativity in any professional capacity. All I basically understand is that it states that any given inertial reference frame is basically as valid as any other. That said, would geocentrism technically be "wrong"? When...
  10. MentalBrain

    Building a Deck to Lose

    Well, the strategy I prefer, which I think might be representative of INTPs in general, is a blue-black control thing, so I think, if you're playing to lose, you might go with a red-green.
  11. MentalBrain


    Sort of. It's a strategy game/city building sim. You are the invisible all-seeing god-king of the Dwarves, and you order them to carry out the tasks necessary to not die, such as build defenses, farm food, and brew booze.
  12. MentalBrain

    You know you're an Intp when...

    -A random conversation between you and your friend leads you to look up the Wikipedia article on rhinoceroses when the conversation only contained rhinoceroses in a metaphorical context. -You have conversations that contain rhinoceroses in a metaphorical context. -When you find Captain's posts...
  13. MentalBrain

    Linguistic efficiency.

    I'd suggest lojban as a hypothetical "ideal language". Too few people actually speak it for you to use it to communicate directly, but learning it might help you economize your communication in English.
  14. MentalBrain

    New God Game Idea

    Also, I just had another idea which I'll post here instead of making a new thread; a video game where you can manipulate the universe by altering the math that defines it. For instance, if you alter the law of gravitation, the interaction of astronomical bodies will be immediately impacted, as...
  15. MentalBrain

    Another free will/determinism question

    Thank you, Latte, for expressing what I tried to better than I ever could. I could try, of course, but my train of thought doesn't run along quite those tracks.
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