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  • I applaud you on your series of very good posts you have made. You have proven that you are both resourceful and knowledgeable.

    I wouldn't mind you posting in a thread I made arguing for determinism if you feel you wouldn't mind obliging. I feel the thread I created is lacking some backbone when it comes to sources cited in an argument for or against determinism. If you don't feel inclined to do so, I will leave it where it stands and will not pester you more about it.
    what amazes me, Is that in sense of detail,its all relatively simple... hard to describe...but as simple as it all is, its stunning ... And the soundtrack? omg, its beautiful. sound design, art, references to old lost cultures, it all encapsulates the moment, and provides a complimentary balance to the entire theme of the game.

    Again, its a SIMPLE game. Not much in terms of what we normally consider gaming, a 5 year old could play it, but the depths at which it evokes emotion from an adult, its a moment ill probably remember for the rest of my life.
    The current conditions of the gaming industry...bleh...i could write pages of rantings...but ill spare you. I definitely agree that most popular games are nothing but garbage to keep the masses in tuned to their masculine dominance. With FPS, I feel like there is a overlooked connection between our government's military and video gaming...yes, a form of brainwashing I suppose... Essentially, Its the same game we see in other areas of entertainment.

    Now Journey...I've never felt so much emotion before from a game. Let alone a game, with hardly anything identifiable or comparable to other popular gaming franchises. For anyone who isn't a 15 year old, dorito chompin, mt dew slammin, idiot...its just an incredible experience. Its not just the entire craft of the game itself (soundtrack, graphics, colors, etc), its the journey. Strange, Im getting goosebumps just typing about it...
    Hey :)

    Sorry, I will get back to you. Things are a little busy for me currently, I'm working on a project proposal and a few other assignments. But I read and appreciated your comments.
    {Character limit -- extending functional form message.}

    Cognitive functions are pretty fluid; the two and three influences play out in other forms, but I imagine that'd be boring to read.

    {I admit this speculation comes from personal observation and experience; I may well be missing something terribly important in my model.}

    On that note, I apologize for not responding to your brilliant commentary in my "intro to logic" thread on the INFJf. This past week has been rather busy.
    Indeed, I believe we touched this idea on the INFJf in a thread about Ni-Ti loops. They are generally either constructive or destructive: safely propelling the self upward with sturdy scaffolding or demolishing the same.

    Regardless, it seems to me that the role of Fe in particular is critical in deciding which will occur in INFJs. As you said, the motivation for using Ti is important in how it will be used. Emotional faculties must be clear and level to reason effectively - something that is very difficult when auxiliary Fe is under-stimulated or, worse, taught bad patterns. If the faculties are faltering and unstable, reaching for Ti can become a defensive reaction to stress instead of a solidifying influence. It then gains ascendency and perpetuates itself as our psyche's director instead of a supporting actor. I believe the strong dissociation and emotional detachment that can overcome us is a direct result of an ego-destructive cycle. In a word, we huddle and hide.
    Your post caused me some torture because I knew I'd heard of Joseph Campbell somewhere, but I couldn't remember; I studied him in philosophy/theology two years ago for about half an hour on the importance of myths and what they can teach us. Never read his stories though, perhaps I should if they're like Zelda :).

    I know what you mean though, it's the same story that's been used over and over: Terrible powerful evil rises, fate has decided one boy in particular (seemingly not nearly powerful enough) has to do the job, he succeeds in the end because of courage. (LoTR, same formula) There seem to be only a limited amount of stories in the world, it's just the way they are told that's different. Twilight princess is the story of hyrule 1000 years after ocarina, so the two games are really connected which is so cool. If you're an Ocarina fan there's loads of " Yessss!!!!" punching the air moments at characters re-appearing and stuff.

    totally agree, Shigeru Myamato = Total genius.
    Hilbert's program seemed sure to fail. Maybe that's hindsight bias, though.

    You're into mathematics? I find the concept of using math to prove/disprove God's existence fascinating.

    EDIT: That said, it's also a very interesting parallel you drew to the, effectively, infinite number of ways God can be conceived.
    !!!! That's the bird that the Zelda creature is based on!
    Yes I'm a huge zelda fan, ocarina of time is one of my all-time favorite games. I used to play it on N64 and now I play it on 3DS, honestly never get bored of it... in twilight princess there's a level that looks more or less exactly like this:

    Escher! thank you, I first heard about him because of the Oocoo in zelda twilight princess that were based on one of his drawings. He's cool.
    What's the name of the guy wo does those mindfuck drawings again? The one that is your profile background, I was trying to remember his name just the other day.
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