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  • With Lyra gone the forum becomes a fucking boring old boy's club. I'm losing interest quickly.
    Multiple races of transhumanity, how will we communicate?
    is development in need of conditioning, how do we apply this to ourselves.
    levels and expansion of the psyche.
    Sure, thanks, will try that tomorrow. I'd prefer private personally.

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to the summer as I've wanted to start drawing for a while, but don't have the time. What do you study? Guessing a philosophy or literature course of some kind. :p
    I feel confident I'm an N dom, likely Ni then. I get confused as people's descriptions have a tendency to blur. Like, I thematise 'in the moment' encounters often, but I do because I'm interested in embedding my environments with symbolic meaning. I think I have the individualistic quality too, my own creative projects are quite self-absorbed, but I feel that if they weren't extensions of myself in some way that they'd be false somehow.

    Maybe I just play a more 'adaptive' game, the passive traits in my personality are what throw me off - I have no desire to direct, I rather hope if I develop my insights enough they might one day become useful. :confused: But thanks for the vm anyway - how did your recent semester work go?
    No, it's fair. I think my point was more that one doesn't need to fold in being inoffensive, I tend to just open up about certain things with people who seem receptive, and maybe there will be a time when a push is necessary.

    I'm also a late developer. I held myself back as a kid and have mostly flourished creatively in the last few years.

    How would you distinguish Ne and Ni? I've been struggling between the two for a while.
    Ah cool, I'd be interested to hear some. It's a still from a film called 'Last year at Marienbad' if you ever wanted to check it out. Surrealist - probably obvious from the frame though. :p
    Weirdly, I always know like why a person does something (Intentions). As if I see through them, but than when it comes to such small things, I fail.

    I mean just look at this, I spam you :S. Me so fail.
    Also, It is so personal for me to watch these videos :D:D
    I am filled with love, and they all make these personal video's (Speaking directly to you as a viewer). >.>
    NO! Not making excuses, just clarifying my genuine excuses... (That was a Ni perspective switch. I'm a bad sensor, I tend to do it a lot. >.> Perhaps also the reason why I spam so much.)

    I can reason things very deeply, but there it stops. For instance, someone is making kiss signals to me. Then I analyze how their brains are making them do it (What kind of push they are giving, so I can push back). But then I forget to think that they would do it to flirt me (That is next understanding for me) >.<

    Or for instance, That a mate asks me something. Then I will genuinely answer them, without taking notice of what kind of response they desired as I assumed them to genuinely ask me a question.
    -Sorry for my poor English. I have never verbally spoken it nor did I learn it at school.-

    -That what I said, was once again, a perspective that would reflect my intentions. Don't black and white quote me to then take it out of context again please :D-

    I love you Lyra, How are you doing?
    I type solo and oh god I dislike that yes I do. But such competition doesn't draw me towards teamwork or anything. At least it doesn't seem like it does. I wish to be friends with all. Not despise one another!
    And thus, there is no other option for me to lay back, and wait until I have become one of the very best, to enter such competitions. NOT to avoid shame on my name, No! Just to be damn rational.

    Why would a person join this competition is the question you shall ask yourself. Why the person rejects is next understanding. DOH...
    Oh and important to note. I don't consider humans to be higher than other humans if you know what I'm aiming at. Pod'Lair presents this game as if they are the truth holders and the deciders of righteousness and validation. If you do not follow their so called rules you are invalid.
    These intentions are obliviously ignorant. I hope you can see that.

    It is not that I am invalidating myself as a typer because I do not join this competition. No! And to assume my intentions on why I do not join is just lame. Same counts for the 'Proof it or it is false' mindset.

    They are making it as if I must have 100 percent of the people I type right. Well, at this very moment I might just get 80 percent right or something. I can not know, that they won't be making some silly video to spoil me because I had 20percent (10 persons) typed wrong.
    Oh, I wont be typing them. I will be typing them afterwards, looking for the objectivity in Pol'Lairs list and reflecting it with my subjective worldview. Sorry to 'let you down', but I'm rather new to typing and won't spoil myself by joining a competition that is directed to own me while I myself do am slightly competitive, it is not what drives me. If it would be a competition for the sake of love, I'd perhaps have joined :D HéHé.

    I love you.
    I think this do is an INFJ. It might be pretentious for me to say so; also she do has this Pe dominance outlook but I think it to be deceiving. Same counts for her 'Fi mindset' and 'Si Priorities'. I think her to be an INFJ that have had her Se input (Objectivity) from Si, Fi minded.

    Now, I'm no expert but that just is all the input I can give. (So don't grant it as reliable info, but it may be considered so)
    They have a sexual 'bro' relationship. They masturbate each other, and might even do blowjobs. I'm 100 percent sure. I think they do it every night. I'm 100 percent sure that there is some sexual love there. So it got me to do a little more research and saw dem brothers, and yeah, it runs in the family. (My hypothesis, 1 of the persons in the video got masturbated by one of his brothers, and now he got older, he is the sexual partner of his fellow aged brother)

    (I don't know your techniques, but it might be significant for typing them. As it is the main cause of their humbleness and Pe contact.)
    Haha, Adymus is so cool in "the greatest game" video. I love it. (Yeah sorry, I dunno how to contact him, and got blocked from commenting on their videos, and I just felt like sharing this feeling of gratitude as it would be unjust not to do so.) XD
    I'm sorry I chat so much. Please do me no harm because I unintentionally spammed you :(

    I love you. Well not as much as I love Nanook, but he's just great.
    Yeah but I respect you, in.. some weird kind of way.
    I respect adymus as well. And I would feel bad if no1 (Or only noobs) enters the 'competition'. But then on the other hand, I have reasons to not enter the competition. But well well, seemingly you don't like to have a conversation with me :(
    If I get time tomorrow, I will enter the competition. Likely I have time on Friday evening, then I will probably type them all (I will type them nonetheless of the competition, as I enjoy typing). If you ever feel lonely, you may ask my skype or anything. I don't have friends anyway.
    And I mean, 5 days? Typing is not about quicktyping but enable to type at all. 5 days is to think no1 has better things to do.
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