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  • Hi lucky,
    Thanks for the kind words. I've been programming for almost 20 years professionally. I'd highly recommend any INTP to seriously, very seriously consider taking it up. Yes it's not perfect - yes it's better then anything else you can put your hand to. I know, I've had a number of careers.
    As to the validity of MBTI, my son happens to be an INTP, and all I can say is that my nose is rubbed in the truth of MBTI every day.
    Yeah.. I dunno. It's fun/interesting.
    Do you have a lot of friends or do you see multiple people that resemble a friend?
    Are you trying to say you aren't? And that I come across as old?

    Heh, if anything, I thought I came across as like half my official age!
    That profile picture is kinda cool.

    That sounds terrible :| How can they do something so inhumane?
    Oh. Like 'Of mice and men'. I enjoyed that movie/book, especially just recently in 2011 doing a study for it in English.
    "I lost weight playing video games" - Reminds me of that one say, 'If you exercise alot in your brain, you lose weight'.

    I see you are a farmer? But in the snow? Assume your pup gets frozen... I forbid that, I am an animal lover. But have something for cats in particular.
    Lol, I guess I am, because if you used to be a fat person. Who lost weight drastically, food becomes more of a challenge in order to maintain the new weight.

    I go for solitary walks, also. Around my irritating block, which is apparently called a 'Community'.
    Sometimes sensuality may make you feel like you have freedom. But it is merely the good-temptation-like-feeling that drives us insane.

    I see, where does your work-out schedules go? I do not see any of that involved. Don't mind me, I have been hypocritical these days and have betrayed my diet.
    Such things are not solely avoided by being a 'male'. There could be a stuborn side to you which feels sensual enough to listen to.
    This person is a weight-watcher, so you have got me alarmed to come running and put out the fire . In other words cut down those unnecessary calories!
    Well, I'm taking courses in cell biology, microbiology and some basic math. Next semester I will take physics, chemistry, statistics and genetics.

    But I haven't decided where to go from there. Whether I should dive into biology, biotechnology or chemistry. I'm leaning more toward chemistry these days.
    I've actually just recently begun uni. But I do read a lot outside class to get a bigger picture of things.

    Are you studying? What field of engineering?
    Wow gratz on the change in patterns, I'm pretty jealous. I'm into more modern era metal, but whatever floats boats is cool by me. He sounds a little like he has confidence issues, but that's understandable.
    In what way do I remind you of your friend? My sleep has improved drastically since I quit uni, though it's still not amazing. I actually managed to get up by 9:00 this morning in order to fulfill a promise to ring someone in America before they went to work. I stopped posting on the thread once I lacked a good reason to care whether I got up or not :/ It is kind of you to take an interest.
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