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  1. My Spaceship Idea.

    Hi there everyone. I was thinking last night and came up with this great idea which could potentially solve all the worlds ecological and scientific issues. It's like the planet is a big teleporter. You have to build three large mossballs in space. With glass elevators. These moss balls are...
  2. Final typing video ever

    Sorry mate for the late reply. Nice Drake impression!
  3. Final typing video ever

    I don't know about size. But the same type/subtype/personality.
  4. Final typing video ever

    ESFP. You are the same as my esfp friend. And also the same as Drake.
  5. List of all my typings

    Kanye West entj (correction) Dan Snow intp Taylor kitsch intp Sienna Miller intp (correction) Daniel Craig esfj
  6. List of all my typings

    Michael Gove istp Paul Rudd esfj Alicia vikander intp Michael Fassbender esfj Zoe Kravitz esfj Ralph Fiennes esfj Elly Jackson intp Jane McDonald entj Nadia Sawala enfj Frank Lampard isfp Jarvis Cocker isfp Michael Heseltine entj John Stewart enfj Justin Hawkins enfp James May isfp Richard...
  7. List of all my typings

    I'd summarise my method basically is about dual pairs. If two people get on extremely super well then they are probably a dual pair. Here is an esfj intp dual pair: http://youtu.be/BY9OZNYSyjs Here is a enfj istp dual pair: http://youtu.be/lDOgHscYbVc And doppelgängers are helpful too because...
  8. List of all my typings

    Well I haven't watched them all the same amount. To be honest I haven't watched that much footage for some of them. But that doesn't mean I'm completely wrong!
  9. List of all my typings

    I've usually watched quite a lot of video footage of the celebrities before I type them. And I do it based off their relationship to the people they are conversing with at the time. Really what I said about Katy Perry's lyrics and the themes in the songs came after I guessed her type. It was...
  10. List of all my typings

    Danny Alexander intp Joey Essex isfp Simon Gregson intp Andrew Rawnsley entj Boris Johnson enfp (correction) Adam Tomkins enfp (correction) Kirsty Wark isfj (correction) Natalie Haynes entp Kylie Minogue esfj Nick Cave intp Matt Le Blanc intp Michael Strahan esfj Macauley Culkin isfp...
  11. List of all my typings

    Jessica Brown Findlay intp (correction) Denise van outen enfj Johnny Vaugn istp Chris Tarrant entp Michael Shannon Intp Dane Dehaan intp Rich Hall intp Natasha Leggaro infj Alex Massie intj Nicola Sturgeon estj Dermot Morgan estj Nick Clegg isfp Andy Bunham isfp Miriam Gonzalez Durantez entj...
  12. List of all my typings

    Miranda Green entp Ruth Goodman entp Yvette Cooper istp Esther McVey istp Martin Scorsese estp Clint Eastwood istj Eric McCormick istp Deborah Messing enfj Cliff Richard istp Gloria Hunniford enfj Ariana Grande istp Jamie Dornan esfp Gordon Ramsay esfj Monica Lewinsky intp Al Murray entp Jesse...
  13. List of all my typings

    Bill Murray esfj Wes Anderson intp Owen Wilson esfj Tania Derveaux intp Michael Chiklis esfj Zack Braff isfp Ray Romano isfp Heidi klum esfj Rosamund Pike intp Christina Hendricks intp Blonde Electra intp/esfj J k Rowling intp Sarah Jane Crawford esfj Emily blunt entj David Dimbleby entj Gillian...
  14. Very Important. Urgent!

    Well you're right buddy and I think you've caused me to stress out a lot less. Here's to you :elephant::elephant::elephant::elephant::elephant::elephant::elephant::elephant::elephant::elephant::elephant::elephant:
  15. Very Important. Urgent!

    *I mean the static etc. when I say negative feedback above. @grayman see above post!
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