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  • Hahah, I don't think you were the only one who was a bit too tired for arguing last night.

    I may have been a tad grumpy. Still, no hard feelings, eh?
    ENFP's are amazing individuals you know.

    I had this massive crush on an ENFP once, it just seemed like she could and would take on a giant, and would do so in the most polite and fluent way possible.

    When we worked together she could just hear a problem, and then jump up and formulate a plan seconds before putting it in place. She was brilliant with people!

    I was in awe of her, and ever so slightly jealous.;-;
    As with my other PM's, I have no way of knowing whether they went through or not. Let me know if you got it.
    Sent you a PM, but this website says I did not send it. Sooooo, not sure if it went through.
    HI, didn't mean to be mean, but I remember the whole "CorryJames banned" situation where you posted a million times asking the same question over and over and over again, it kinda made me go: "Oh lord, how long can this guy go on?" A few more threads, I think.

    I know you have the right to communicate any way you choose to, but you have to understand that a conversation is a two-sided thing, and that the other person does not "owe" you an answer, so sometimes adapting to the other person's style of communication will get you further then sticking blindly to what you want to get out of the whole thing.

    Also, being annoyed makes it very difficult to really hear what the other person is actually saying, again limiting the benefits of the conversation for you.
    Also, being annoyed seems like such hard work. How do you do it?
    When the forum was down I went madly googling for an explanation and found you on that other intp forum. I'm glad you got there first and saved me signing up to ask the same question - they were mean!
    Yeah, I made the image in about 2 minutes in Paint. I agree about the sparta image being a good banner for this forum. It's an idea that's been stated over and over again by the mods for the last two years I've been here. They never seem to get tired of repeating it.
    No, I get to it by clicking "New Posts" (at the top) and then it's one of the things that gets listed about every thread. I didn't see it when I went to home.
    Yeah, those are trees (:
    I posted the larger picture in a topic somewhere in the visual art board. (surreal/photography I think I named the topic)
    Yeah, I made it up on the spot. I'm not a big fan of copyright law, particularly the officious stuff we have in the US. (Not that nothing should ever be protected by copyright, they just take it really overboard here)

    Oh and about the statistics, if you click on the number of replies in between "Last Post" and "Views" (on the New Posts page) it'll show everyone who has posted in the thread, ranked by number of replies.
    Well, okay, I took the initiative on that one.

    To be honest, I can't quite determine exactly
    why it is things are like this.
    I don't understand why you keep that thread alive.

    I'm actually not angry at all.
    This forum is privately owned.

    Your arguments for freedom of
    speech are invalid.
    I get carried away sometimes, I'll try to stop but so many things seem relevant that have non verbal communication elements in them.

    "Why not... Say something?"

    I do try to give context as to why a video or picture is relevant.

    I need more shadow Ti. I feel left out.

    I suspect this might involve some advanced economic theory which is beyond present company.

    Note that I don't need to, but emotional pleas are my default cognitive bias if thats what your perceptions of my messages intent is.
    hehe, no , but sorry for my missing reply.

    I live in 'Vanløse' .. Also lived on Amager before I moved on
    Hey :) I was wondering where in Denmark you actually lived? , I was a bit shocked at first, when I saw another INTP from Denmark:p
    His name is Zach Braff (:

    He was in the movie Gardenstate.
    You should watch it.
    You do, slightly (; I somewhat thought that
    upon first seeing your photo.
    Ya I already knew that...... Sucks one was lost in russia and the other was lost to the Americans
    Jeg er engelsk lærer til en stor flok af søde og død-irriterende koreansk børn. Det er nemlig et af de mest interessant tinge jeg har nogensinde gjort med mit liv, men jeg muligvis drikker mere pga. det. ;)

    Og grunden bag mit evne til dansk--ikke fordi du har spørgt, men fordi jeg forventer spørgsmålet når jeg siger at jeg ikke er dansker, men canadier--er at jeg engang var udvekslingsstudent i en dejlig lille by, der hedder Virum og ligger lidt nord fra Kbh. Derfor må du undskyld hvis jeg laver nogle fejl, der har gået naesten 8 år siden jeg boede i dit land. Men der går ikke en dag hvor jeg ikke savner det, Danmark er mit yndlingssted i hele verden. Hvis jeg en dag får chancen til at bo der permanent, så tager jeg den!
    A baba =)

    Is there anyone on this forum who doesn't speak at least some Serbian? :D
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