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  • Flying buttresses soar through pudding in the sky as the pike-men below prepare for battle.
    Two of my neighbors each had one. Then the dogs would get together and play- jeez, they're so gigantic but they would still play on the lawn like any other dogs! It was a gigantic mess
    "Everybody, run! ISFJs!!!!"

    Wow, you yelled run and everybody ran, do you realise what an accomplishment that is, getting INTPs to do anything is like herding flighty cats or narcoleptic poodles.

    Have you considered a career in world domination? With mind control talent like that you could go far, elite mook level at very least...
    Ooooo waffles would be great..... for the person getting waffles flung at them. I can imagine myself getting bowls to try and catch the syrup balloons in. I can see it now..... The great pancake waffle battle of 2010. Oh you could fling some jelly too! See I'm not so nice so my first thought was balloons filled with coagulated blood......but really waffles are a much better idea. :D
    Really? Snowball fights? :)

    Sure.... but there are many more things I would rather fling at people. lol
    I wear a fedora on Tuesdays when the penguins attack and the whale sits at a card table gambling away his blubber in a game of pick-up-stix.
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