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    I know nothing about you but I always appreciate your comments.
    Well, I don't exactly know how to learn Chinese in your case, but I feel that one way is to watch Chinese dramas with english subtitles. It is not exactly supposed to help much, but its the exposure and listening to the language that counts. And the internet is a really good tool to learn new languages. There are bound to be sites where one can learn Chinese, or youtube videos etc. Just google? Well, if you really wish to pursue Chinese (conversational or?) , memorising chinese characters is not going to work and it is kind of boring to just write out thousands of characters. (not to mention, there's a colossal amount of phrases as well.) And I admit that it is a very difficult language.
    A really good idea if you want to learn Chinese is to get the Chinese coach DS game. I'm learning and started with books, but the game helps alot with pronunciations and it far more fun that sitting there writing out million of characters. I warn ye, it's a tough language!! I've been learning by myself for half a year and only begun to put sentences together properly!
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