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  1. kubikub


    I've been meaning to try out some 5-HTP lately, they sell it at my work as well. I bought some tea infused with st. john's wort a while ago, completely forgot I had it until I had gone through the rest of the tea I had. Drank it about once every day or so just to get my tea fix, didn't expect...
  2. kubikub

    What jobs have you held?

    My first serious job (you know, outside of bagging groceries when I was like 16) was at a independent movie theater. I worked as a floorstaff for about a year then got promoted to assistant manager, a position I held for another 2 before quitting. That was a rad job. I worked projection a lot...
  3. kubikub

    Partial blindness and brain hemispheres?

    I saw a thread recently that mentioned left-handedness being linked to artistic proclivities and right-brained functions. I haven't done any research to look into this further (it's almost my bedtime and would be getting very little sleep if I started now) but I had a fun little thought I wanted...
  4. kubikub

    Typing by facial features

  5. kubikub

    College students, what's your major?

    Illustration. I want to get into concept art or at least work as a freelance illustrator. I like the idea of being able to manage my own schedule and work from home doing what I love. If I can draw monsters all day I don't think I'd need much else in life
  6. kubikub

    Fire Spinning

    I must be his poster child then :twisteddevil: I first discovered poi at Burning Man when I went in 2009 for the first time. I spun in the Great Circle this year. It's been quite a journey. I don't have too many videos of myself, it's something I like to just go out and do without planning to...
  7. kubikub

    How do INTPs express emotion?

    My emotions express themselves. I am terrible at hiding how I am feeling. Anger, sadness, boredom, and irritation are usually the ones that shine through easiest. I can control my actions and it usually takes quite a lot to get me even minorly enraged, but I know my face will belie my calm...
  8. kubikub

    The effects of marijuana on an INTP

    oh, I almost forgot. Sex. Weed makes sex fantastic.
  9. kubikub

    The effects of marijuana on an INTP

    It's nice for watching movies (which I won't remember later) or listening to music, and it's something I've done on occasion by myself, but otherwise I'm not a big fan. It seems to greatly amplify my internal monologues and thoughts to the point where it becomes distracting. I find conversation...
  10. kubikub

    5 Favorite Bands/Music Artists

    Shit... this was hard. Radiohead Devendra Banhart Timber Timbre PJ Harvey Muse Here are the rest of the contenders. Couldn't resist. Crystal Castles Blood Brothers Gogol Bordello Nosaj Thing MGMT Boards of Canada Velvet Underground Flying Lotus Portishead Henry Homesweet Bjork PJ Harvey Jimi...
  11. kubikub

    Fire Spinning

    I'm been spinning for a little over a year. I learned most of the moves I know off of youtube actually. haha. Recently I sought out others in my area to spin with and discovered there's a pretty big community. Of course, I live about an hour and a half from LA, where there are a lot more...
  12. kubikub

    What's your worst fear?

    I don't fear death as much as I used to. The thing that worries me more about it is the impact it will have on those around me, all the loose ends I will never get to tie. I think what really gives me anxiety is the thought of getting old. Not in a 'buh I'm gonna be all wrinkly and pathetic'...
  13. kubikub

    Fire Spinning

    Hello guys, it's definitely been a while, I became pretty preoccupied with school and forgot about this place. In the two years I've been gone I seem to have picked up a rather interesting hobby of dancing with fire. My tool of choice are poi, which are essentially balls of kevlar on the ends of...
  14. kubikub

    Thom Yorke = INTP?

    heh, fellow diehard Radiohead fan as well. As much as I would like him to be an INTP, I'm going to guess he's either an INFJ, as stated before, or INFP.
  15. kubikub

    How would others type you?

    Given the company and how much sleep I've had I can be quite extroverted, and have actually been labelled as such by several people. it can be quite draining, though, and I'll go through bouts where for several weeks I'll be extremely social, and then turn into a recluse for about a month.
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