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  • *Waves back*

    I'm done with this place for the time being, btw. I'll still respond to PM's though. I hope you're doing well. ;)
    you asked me where my avatar came from, well i randomly found it while searching for pictures of Sauron, so i suppose its him before losing his ring and without his helm.
    We do hear a lot about how INTPs view ENTJs around here. It would be interesting to see how ENTJs view INTPs. Let me know what you find out!
    Brain pies?

    No thank you.

    Brains are a delicacy I can do without madame.

    The forum culture is, and always will be, TRASH.
    Jajajaja namas fueron 2 y creo que ni se dio cuenta...

    Hmm de que son, pues de lo que quieras! La verdad no me acuerdo fue hace mucho y casi nunca voy... menos ahora que ni salgo de mi casa o.o
    Whats this trend you speak of?

    Do you deny the forum culture!


    You are merely bitter because you are old anD unimportant and the culture sweeps you aside like a manical tide!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed certain trends with some of the male members of the forum. :p
    If I'm not, I can't imagine you are. I really think he hates me with a burning passion. I think I bring out the worst in people. :confused:

    At least you're not possessed by a demon ............ are you?
    *munch* yummy! can't place the flavour, though...

    socially retarded tone? :confused: no, nothing's wrong with them.

    Yeah, I don't mind the reading, and my wall can, of course, still be used by anybody else for sending messages.

    Actually I should like it if there were more amateur graphologists around. Shouldn't want the thread to die with me if I ever leave.
    aww thanks - much appreciated - things are much better today though - but it's remarkably helpful being able to dump it on that thread.
    Mmmmmm ........... heart.


    Do I seem mad? I'm really not, I'm used to it by now. Maybe I go to far with my responses though. I may have to just adopt a policy of "ignore" because it really is a futile discussion.
    Actually, no - I haven't tried a regression. I've dabbled a bit with cd-guided meditations, but I've only had a single intuitive flash of some kind. I might get around to it at some point, but I'm just researching it (heavily) at the moment. :p
    Kidege, Thank you for coming back around to the reincarnation thread - I really appreciate what you added there. :)
    Awww, I bet it was better than the Tetris and Solitaire crossover Vega found today (Fukyo gave him the link to fanfiction.net on irc, and he was searching for the worst crossovers he could find for a while.)
    Ragnar gave me some stupid crap about how "banned" is played out at intpc so I can't have that title. What the hell does that have to do with me or intpf? He doesn't even know the history behind it! Oh well, it's no big deal, it just struck me as petty and meaningless.
    Hi, happy belated lala-land independence day to you too!

    I don't really find much in it worth celebrating in this day and age, but oh well, what the heck. Have a nice day.
    Jokes forbidden hey, well, thankfully my morose nature prevents me from making any sort of funny remark. Swahili, cool word.
    I live in southern AZ, and I was pretty much raised on the border. Yourself?

    Very nice signature quotes btw.
    So before the forum purged the conversation... you believe your dad is an ISTJ and your mom an ENTJ. I certainly agree about the feeling judged part, though for me its always been a feeling. Despite being J's, both my parents have been fairly accepting of me (religious and political choices aside).

    One thing that troubles me, and I hope and fear you can relate, is that I find it difficult to intellectually respect my dad at times. I believe in many ways he's a better man than I still, but he insists of poor learning techniques and caving to group think. Do you think that's personal, or personality?
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