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Recent content by kchikage

  1. kchikage

    What kind of dreams do you have?

    I had dreamt a few times of me dying in dreams, but turned out quite an adventure. My dreams are mostly adventures or stories that relate a lil to my daily life (sometimes I'm not even in the dream). Most of them are fantasies. I only have nightmares once in a while, so, it doesn't really...
  2. kchikage

    Alone time

    Most of the time my mind will be alone. I don't care much about conversations not regarding to me or things I am not interested in. (Normally, then, get scolded for not paying attention.) Same~~ Depends on my mood. Sometimes I will spend a long time by myself, sometimes the whole day with...
  3. kchikage

    INTP and INTJ functions at work(differences explained)

    It's true indeed that I've not develope my Fi. My friends helped me to explore more of my Fi but somehow as I grow, my Fi-developement seems to be worst. XD and suprisingly, some ppl seems to admire less develope Fi ! weird..
  4. kchikage

    Would you like to be a kid again?

    i feel more like a child than last time.. except the cognition more matured... perhaps yes, if i keep my current mind.. maybe i'll be more matured!
  5. kchikage

    Who are You? *inside*

    I left out a book chained on one of her leg.. the 'weapon' i think.. is chained on her hand..
  6. kchikage

    Helping INTP develop emotional intelligence?

    I don't know why, but I cry when I have emotions, esp love, disapproval, submission and remorse. Then my friends will start saying that, "Ei, I can't believe that you ain't a robot?!" =.= But I wouldn't feel annoyed, instead, I feel between contempt and remorse which is boredom. At least I...
  7. kchikage

    About you?

    What is your name? Preferred to be named Kamio Chikage (means thousand shadow of god's tail) or Jammy online... Where are you from? It's private... How old are you? 16 What's your gender? female How did you find out that you were INTP, or other type? Asked by teacher to take some kind...
  8. kchikage

    INTP The Wizard

    wow~ once i had stayed in a r/s wif a ISFJ. really kinda similar with wat it discribe in one of the post. but it wasn't that bad~ onli hurts at the begining of the r/s XD
  9. kchikage

    Q. Will I always be this type?

    I believe that self-personality can't b changed but is always mistaken when the surroundings affect them~ such as media.. most of the ppl like to immitate their idols and this will hide their real personality. it is difficult to discover their own personality when always affected by d...
  10. kchikage


    INPT me. see things this way...
  11. kchikage

    INXP Girls

    I'm kinda hyperactive in my class though I am an INTP. I just can't pay attention in class and wish for my friend to talk to me... but I am said as an 'alien' by my classmate coz they don't understand the things that I say... =.= A number of teachers are annoyed by me b'coz I constantly ask...
  12. kchikage

    Alignment Test

    I am good to my friends, chaotic neutral to strangers... Chaotic Good (surprisingly I am a good guy... =.=) Chaotic Good- A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he's kind and benevolent. He...
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