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  • I agree with the guy's conclusion but not his method.

    I just found the letter amusing because the writing style sounded similar to your own.

    I think it would be in the best interest of the both of us if we did not start a private message debate. I see some things as being self-evident and you do not. Never shall we meet. ;)
    I watched one of his clips where he was asked similar questions to the ones you asked me. The email really did sound like something you would write. :P
    Did you send that poor man who made the human farming video an email regarding the establishment of property rights and self-ownership?
    happy birthday

    I agree with your post in the human farming, there. Things are more complicated than what Proxy illustrated.

    I didn't really see the video. It lost me after "then something magical happened"

    Nothing magical ever happens.
    The concept Very Hungry Caterpillar worship is the funniest thing I've seen in ages *applause*
    I realised throughout our debates you have been arguing determinism and I have been arguing it does not matter. A question I would like to ask you is why are you a determinist?

    Actually, it is apparent that many people on this forum are determinists. Interesting question to be proposed.
    They appear to be the nicest type.
    Unfortunately on the inside, they're not so nice.

    I mainly don't like INFJs in large groups.
    LOL! John Forsythe? I heard he was forced to help out those lame beatniks. I did get confirming reports on them being QUITE lame and on being much older than their purported ages. Given the lameness involved I think you have a good smear campaign prospect in that. ;)
    Probably picked up a decent chunk of the undecideds. I was totally unaware of the political process involved with ruling a fictional body part. How embarrassing for me. Who's opposing you?
    Again, sounds much naughtier than it is. :P Quite the benevolent ruler to give fair warning, I must say. I hope these radical reforms maintain the status quo going forward. <- Is a tad bit of a dreamer.
    You know whats funny?

    I've never walked down a road I couldn't see the end of.

    It's quite disheartening, to always see the end coming.

    It breaks your courage...

    Why walk on when the surprise is gone, when there is nothing new or good ahead?

    Foresight is a curse.


    Happy now you asswipe!?
    Oh. Well, I was in drag, and I did look damn fine. I nearly turned myself straight!
    Snowqueen you totally fail at comforting people.


    I'll try.

    Via pm of course.:)
    oh Jordan - hugs to you - I'm sorry you're hurting so much and i'll pm you with some ideas soon. You can get over this without drugs and I'll be in touch soon - just can't do it right now.
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