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  • Why are we both online at half 4? I have lecture in 7 hours >.<

    25% of way through Watchmen.. [Maybe slightly preferring V for Vendetta, but it's good.]
    It's an Alice in Wonderland quote anyway - of the Cheshire cat's - decided I would keep that 'status' there until I decide to change avatar. It has an interesting context. In one of Lewis Carrol's diary entries he wrote about how in dreams there can come a moment where you realise it is a dream and as a result begin to do things that would be considered insane in reality, it is combined with the notion that one can sometimes realise they're dreaming but still regard it as reality, that made him conclude that every person is mad and at some point manifests it in this confusion in dreams. 'We're all mad here' is a reference to that within the wonderland dream everyone basically is mad unable to distinguish sense and nonsense. This forum is detached enough from reality, it is words and words can portray any nonsense they like, so I felt the 'we're all mad here' bit fits well.
    Hey dude, Tom W has asked if you want to go Wetherspoons tonight at 7 30, could you respond/ turn on your phone?
    Duodecim is based on popularity you see, Japanese popularity at that, and apparently, Vaan is actually likeable in the Japanese version.:P

    I've never played twelve, just revenant wings, I thought Vaan was okay, but I never liked the EXFX characters (Zidane,Tidus,Bartz, Vaan) as much as the IXTX ones.

    So I'm pleased to see Kain and Tifa:D
    Never played Thirteen! I blame my lack of a 'next-gen' Console.
    Hey dude, I have put up a few videos on the typing thread if you wanted some practise. A chance to hear others opinions on Beefheart/ reconsider yourself if you wanted to.

    Speak to you soon!

    Psh, you're talking to the Dissidia master here.:D

    Completed the first one almost utterly, and I've been rabidly following any and all snippits about the sequel.
    So far we have Lightning, Kain, Tifa and Vaan confirmed as new warriors of Cosmos, hopefully they'll announce Chaos characters in the next month or so, the suspense is deadly.
    I <3 pandas and I don't know what you should do about Mel, perhaps he expects a reply? Obviously since he hasn't mentioned taking your virginity you can be a little less cautious.
    You're welcome.

    I picked Tyria as a replace my former user name when it was still possible to change names here. It was a spontaneous creation on my part. It's rather melodic in its own way.

    JimHawkins at heart... in what way? Young at heart? A taste for adventure and wonder?
    Yes, Captain Amelia is way superior! Never saw the resemblance between her and Jane. But I've only seen Tarzan once or twice a long time ago.

    Oh, I love the music in Hunchback! I also agree there are underlaying topics in that movie that appeals to the older audience.

    Racial stereotyping. You know, I never gave thought to the fact that the main character was black. I never really "noticed". And well, like I said, I didn't finish it. It just seemed too shallow and plain for me to watch it any further.

    Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company; [..]

    This was the quote from Socrates I was thinking of, but, you know, there isn't any evidence he actually ever said it.

    Point is, people have always feared for their kids' easily manipulated minds
    Treasure planet is one of favorite movies. Which isn't really saying much as I'm not that fond of movies in general.

    I think the main character is rather adorable. I also like that cat captain.

    I don't see a problem with liking Disney films. They used to be good back in the days. Mulan and the Hunchback of Notre Dame is two others of my favs. Lion King was good too.

    What they produce now, tho, is mainly shit. I thought that the princess and the frog would be decent, but it's god awful. In Mulan, at least they had a proper heroine with a spine, in this movie it's just superficial gals preoccupied with material riches. I didn't even finish the movie. It seems all role models are becoming this crappy. As Socrates I fear for our youth D:

    Or was it Socrates? I'm late for work, haven't got the time to check
    If the real moon is gone then they would need to rebuild a new one, right? Maybe a crescent is just big enough to stablize Jim's home planet.
    Also, I'm glad to have taken your posting virginity. Better me than Melkor, he'll show up on your page soon bringing his STD's. He posts on everyone's page, if you know what I mean.
    I like Dark Green it's calming. A nice color.
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